WonderBotz Webinar: AI-Powered Business Operations 

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Apr 2024
April 23, 2024
11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

In 2023, Generative AI (Gen AI) drew the attention of organizations worldwide with its promise of huge productivity gains. As organizations eagerly explore its potential, the operations function emerges as a prime testing ground. Join us for an informative webinar on “AI Powered Operations”, where we dive into the practical applications of AI. 

Our AI Experts, Johnny Ramondino and Paula Carneiro Cox will discuss real-world case studies spanning supply chain operations, customer service, and inventory management and share how various sectors have leveraged AI technologies to revolutionize their operations department. 

Key topics to be covered include: 

  1. Understanding the fundamentals of AI in operational contexts 
  1. Practical suggestions into integrating AI solutions into existing operational frameworks 
  1. Common challenges and pitfalls in AI adoption and implementation 
  1. Building the right team and cultivating a culture of AI readiness within your organization 
  1. Aligning leadership vision with the principles of Generation AI to drive transformative change from the top down 

Join us for an engaging discussion and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to unlock the full potential of AI in your operations. Register now to secure your spot!