Automagic reporting automation

Ok, it’s not really magical though it feels that way. What if your consolidated management reports just appeared and were ready for use? Imagine that information consolidated from multiple disparate systems was waiting for you as you started your day, enabling you to analyze and make decisions without having to gather and prepare it.

Your teams spend too much time running reports, refreshing tables, manipulating Excel and using copy-and-paste into PowerPoint. People-based consolidated reporting is not scalable, so the only way to get more insights is to add staff.

In contrast, ReportBotz+ is a best-in-class automation tool that generates consolidated management reports consistently and quickly, ensuring the reliable, consistent and auditable outputs.

  • Data sourcing and extraction gathers information from systems, both internal and external, generating reports or reading off the screen
  • Insight generation and packaging manipulates the collected information, performing calculations and validations, adding tags, populating Excel, PowerPoint and more
  • Information delivery of outputs to authorized people, whether a full view or a personalized view based upon the recipient.

ReportBotz+ reporting automation software gives time back for analysis, speeds decision-making, and enables new reporting packages for valuable insights not presently available.

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Data sourcing and extraction

  • Schedulable to run reports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually
  • Connectable to popular applications like Oracle, SAP, D365, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, Tableau as well as your homegrown systems; Out-of-the-box connections to SQL databases
  • Able to navigate and provide runtime parameters to source applications based upon the reporting package
  • Gathers source information for insight generation for immediate delivery

Insight generation and packaging

  • Applies user-managed rules for aggregating and consolidating data sources
  • Performs user-defined calculations and transformations
  • Loads data into predefined user-managed spreadsheets and can further perform MS Excel features such as macros, lookups and formulas
  • Prepare output in MS Excel, as a PDF or insert on to MS PowerPoint page(s)
  • Optionally, personalize output to personalize for individual recipients
  • Optionally in MS PowerPoint, adjust content for size and on-page location

Information delivery

  • Report output may be saved to secure locations (e.g., SharePoint, network folder) for managing and archiving files
  • Report output or alerts may be delivered to the targeted recipients via email as set by user

Reporting automation Benefits:

Using ReportBotz+, you leapfrog to immediate benefits.

  • Increases value of knowledge workers who can spend more time on analysis and commentary and waste less time on data gathering and preparation
  • Makes additional analysis affordable, expanding insights available to leadership for strategy and management decisions
  • Creates a consistent view of the facts across the team, enabling data lineage for subsequent analysis


ReportBotz installation is fast and easy, as highlighted below

  • Setting up ReportBotz+, including installing and connecting the RPA platform as appropriate
  • Each report consolidation is a ‘report package’ and, starting from an existing manually-prepared report, most report packages can be defined within two weeks
  • One-time, building a connector to each data source that is reusable by different report packages

Example report consolidations

  • Record-to-report
  • Financial month-end reports
  • Journal entry preparation
  • KPI and/or variance analysis
  • Expense allocation
  • Profitability analysis (e.g., customer, product, BU)
  • Procure-to-pay
  • Supplier spend
  • Supplier compliance to pricing agreements
  • Order status (Open, In-Transit, Delayed, on-Hold)
  • Days of Supply and forecasting
  • Order-to-cash
  • Customer analysis
  • Unshipped Orders
  • Sales analysis
  • Collections
  • Product returns and/or chargebacks
  • More
  • Payroll time-coding review
  • Adherence and compliance
  • Management report consolidation in MS PowerPoint