We view our business as having two sides, The Wonder & The Botz.
Learn about the origin, people, solutions, and customers that bring us together to achieve great outcomes.

Our Mission

Employee connectedness, innovation, and passion have been under assault by workplace monotony and inefficiencies. Now more than ever, we believe that restoring humanity in business is critical to organizational success and value creation.

Origin Story

Our two founders, Bhavyesh and Steve, were working at one of the “Big 4” accounting firms and working on launching a robotics process automation group. They came to the realization there was great potential with this still developing technology. As they looked around their day-to-day they felt they could deliver greater value to organizations if they started their own business. And there you have it, WonderBotz has been focused on delivering that envisioned value since those formative days.

Collaborating with Amazing Clients

More than 40 top tier brands from industries including; high tech, media, hospitality, financial services, industrial, CPG, healthcare, and business services (many Fortune 100 companies and big names that we can share with you in person) trust us with their RPA and Hyperautomation needs. And, we are proud to say, they are unabashed fans of ours and will provide rave reviews of our services. Ask us for referrals and testimonials. We love giving them.

Our Great Team and their Dedication to Our Clients and Self Improvement

95% of our team has one or more certifications and hundreds (even thousands) of hours delivering the best RPA solutions over and over again. This is what we do. We pride ourselves on hiring and fostering the best and brightest people who passionately embrace everything RPA, IPA, and Hyperautomation to ensure the success of their clients.

Super Practical and Seriously Fun

We are results-oriented to the core and prioritize how resources and activities can provide maximum value and ROI. We love rolling up our sleeves, getting into the details of your business, and making real robots come to life for you. Plus, we are kind of fun. Seriously Fun!

Our Platforms and Solutions

Our Awards