Get a faster, insightful financial close with Reconciliation Process Automation

Stop wasting time cutting, pasting and creating pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. Enable your accountants to spend more time on high-value tasks like analyzing variances rather than the mechanics of the close.

ReconBotz is a best-in-class Reconciliation Process Automation Tool to complement your existing approach that prepares reconciliation entries your way each period.

  • Ingests required info
  • Prepares the reconciling entry
  • Handles the evidence
  • Submits the recon to your reconciliation system of record

By separating the reconciliation instructions for each account into simple rules established and maintained by your accounting team, ReconBotz is one automation that does the work of thousands.

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Benefits of Reconciliation Process Automation

Using ReconBotz, you leap-frog to immediate benefits.

  • Speeds your financial close without compromising quality
  • Eliminates the preparer’s work either substantially or entirely, freeing them for high-value tasks.
  • Create consistency and standardization by account, account-type across periods and regions

In turn, you’ll also increase the quality and reliability of your financial close process.


ReconBotz installation is fast and easy, as highlighted below:

  • Setting up ReconBotz, including installing and connecting the RPA platform as appropriate
  • Setting up the parameter file controlling location of files, how each individual account is to be reconciled and the way ReconBotz manages outputs
  • While in most cases, ReconBotz uses the same files as your accountants today, our ReportBotz solution can get the required data and provide it to ReconBotz
  • Depending upon your recon system of record, we may build custom connectors to upload the final results

You can add accounts to ReconBotz overtime for a phased deployment based upon your needs