The Evolution to Greatness: The Transformative CFO Roadmap

Apr 2024
30 April, 2024
8:00 am - 10:00 am ET
Cushman & Wakefield, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, 8th floor, NYC, New York 10104, United States

The CFOs role originally just oversaw the finance function, but in today’s modern era, they are pivotal decision makers who focus on driving growth and ensuring sustainability throughout the organization. With increasing market and technological disruptions, they must continually develop actionable strategies to navigate change and maintain competitiveness. 

The CFO Leadership Council is organizing an event to discuss the common denominator of a successful CFO. Paula Carneiro Cox and Steve LaValle will be attending from WonderBotz and will share the technological considerations that are essential for a modern CFO. 

Now is the time to craft a comprehensive vision that addresses strategic priorities and boost the organization towards success. Join us for an in-depth discussion on the transformative roadmap of a CFO and earn CPE credits in the process. We hope to see you there!