The Evolution of AI: Matching Talent to Outcomes

Jul 2024
July 31, 2024
9:00 am - 10:00 am ET
Virtual Webinar Hosted by our MVPs

WonderBotz prides itself on finding and mentoring the best automation talent in the world. Our teams are comprised of platform-recognized MVPs and AI strategists helping leading organizations transform their businesses. 

Join us for a special session where we bring together our UiPath MVPs and our SS&C Blue Prism MVPs to discuss the evolution of AI and how talent must evolve to meet the rapidly changing technology landscape. In this session our teams will help you begin to consider when and how to consider partnership in your talent acquisition within your AI-powered Automation programs. 

Key takeaways: 

  • A deep dive into the history of RPA and how it continues to be the foundation of automation 
  • Unpack the acronyms thrown around in our industry – learn ML, AI, NLP and IDP and some of the industry-leading tools 
  • Become proficient in the operating models that set apart world-class automation programs from task automation centers 
  • Learn how to drive real business value by acknowledging the importance of continuous education for your talent pool and understand how to flex skills as your program matures 

Morph your Automation initiatives into AI initiatives; the future is now!