Digital Business Process Outsourcing

Digital Business Process Outsourcing takes advantage of new leaps in emerging technology. Instead of hiring offshore consider the digital shore with Digital BPO.
If you are considering hiring an offshore back office or accounting team, instead consider hiring a team of digital workers. WonderBotz is using Intelligent Automation to replace full job functions in Finance and Accounting.

Why Organizations Choose Digital Business Process Outsourcing

There are several considerations, namely time zone and language proficiency that go into the determination of where an organization opts to outsource.  Low-cost centers are emerging in both the “nearshore” category as well as traditional offshore locations such as India and the Philippines.  The beauty of the Digital Outsourcing option is that Digital Workers can speak multiple languages, interpret various country-specific considerations, and don’t make mistakes when adhering to predefined SLAs.

Alternatively, organizations will consider automation. Traditional automation, however is a heavy lift for an organization and often requires expertise outside of their core competencies.  Moreover, software license costs can constitute a significant investment negating your gains from a BPO play to begin with.

WonderBotz has put our expertise in Finance and Accounting automation to work and are ready to deploy digital accounting clerks. Our F&A digital workforce need minimal oversight, never call in sick, never take days off, and always performs with exceptional accuracy making any auditor very happy. 

Digital BPO is Designed for organizations who

  • Want to experience the benefits of Automation without having to add a department to manage the technology
  • Are looking to outsource business processes to save operational expenses within the year 
  • Need a fast, efficient solution without disrupting business as usual

Rates of digital adoption continue to accelerate, opening the door for a “no-shore” digital approach to outsourcing – digital containment is the new offshore.

– Gartner

How It Works

Digital BPO is an offering that mimics the savings of labor arbitrage by comparing the salaries of human back-office workers to a digital worker sometimes referred to as robots. Your digital worker delivers outcomes equivalent to the work of a full-time employee (FTE). You pay an annual fee for your digital worker as though it was an annual salary.

With Digital BPO we do the heavy lifting. You are purchasing outcomes rather than automations or low-cost knowledge workers. Like any lift and shift business transformation, we will translate your processes to your digital outsource team. Your digital accounting clerks perform the same work as a human outsource team would just faster, cheaper and more accurately.

Complete monthly reporting gives you transparency on the outcomes of your digital staff. That deliverable will reveal the number of tasks completed, accuracy of work, number of exceptions discovered, and total value delivered.  Optimization and training will further enhance the digital worker performance.

Digital BPO for Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

Finance and Accounting are prime candidates for traditional outsourcing or Digital business process outsourcing. Traditional BPO promised cost savings, continuous process improvement, and minimal management oversight. But the hourly billing structure used in this industry disincentivizes all of these improvements, causing less than stellar results in most cases.

Digital BPO is here to fulfill these promises. Welcome to Modern Outsourcing. Finance and Accounting back-office jobs contain the kind of time sensitive, highly repetitive, computer-based work that software robots do best. We employ Digital Workers backed by AI powered process improvement and reporting metrics. We have robots managing robots and reporting back to your human staff with results. The AI Tracking system seeks out new automation potentials and process improvements to make sure you always get the most out of your investment.  

Hire one of our fully trained AP Clerk or AR Clerks who: 

  • Never take days off 
  • Speak your language 
  • Don’t observe holidays 
  • Perform with exceptional accuracy 
  • Always comply with regulatory compliance guidelines 
  • Continuously learn and improve 
  • Execute tasks in seconds that would take human workers hours to complete.

Licensing for Digital BPO

Working with a WonderBotz team member we will determine how many digital workers are needed to perform the work you wish to outsource. A simple annual contract will outline how many digital workers you need for the job deliverables. With volume pricing the more you need the less it costs, allowing your program to scale with your business year after year.

Are you ready to have WonderBotz working for your organization?