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Zero to Hero UiPath Bundle Offer

If your organization has an existing UiPath RPA program but you have stumbling blocks you need to overcome quickly to justify the continuation of your program, the Zero to Hero package is right for you. The WonderBotz Zero to Hero UiPath RPA package includes: 

Evaluation through Rapid Reset:  

  • Understand current situation, challenges, business objectives, and results to date  
  • Review operating model and prioritize automations   
  • Assess existing automations and infrastructure   
  • Review and right sizing of RPA ownership 
  • Develop actionable recommendations and next steps  

Choice of one of the following so your company can show immediate value to build momentum:  

  • WonderBotz Prebuilt solution ReportBotz for quick wins  
  • Custom Automation Build   

On-demand RPA expertise through Backstop support  


  • 3 low*  
  • 3 medium** 
  • 1 to 2 high*** or equivalent, including swapping for accounting suite prebuilt automations    

*Low is defined as having less than or the equivalent of 1 to 3 applications, 20 screens, 10 work steps, 10 deterministic business rules, and 10 business exceptions, and no human-robot integration.

**Medium is defined as having less than or the equivalent of 3 to 5 applications, 20 to 40 screens, 20 deterministic business rules, 20 business exceptions, and 1 human-robot integration. 

***High is defined as having less than or the equivalent of 5 to 9 applications, 41 to 50 screens, 25 deterministic business rules, 25 business exceptions, and 3 human-robot integrations. 

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