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Traditional RPA is getting smarter, that’s why we call it Intelligent Automation.

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How AI has become an important part of Intelligent Automation:

AI is unlocking enhanced efficiencies and the ability to automate processes that were too complex for RPA alone. We are Operationalizing AI, making it an integral part of your Intelligent Automation strategy.

AI or Machine Learning Models assist robots in making more complex decisions. As your human team coaches them through exceptions, they make better and faster choices over time.

Generative AI Large Language Models (LLM’s) when connected to internal data, can accurately answer employee questions, customer queries, and make large data sets actionable.

GPT ChatBotz can be connected to your RPA system allowing digital workers to fetch data, or take actions based on chat inputs.

Adding AI as a Service to your Organization

WonderBotz is taking a SaaS approach to our AI Offerings. We know that enterprises need advice to sort through this rapidly evolving landscape of new tools. Implementing at an enterprise scale comes with its own challenges to keep company data safe.

Learn how to unlock all the functionality your team wants, while maintaining all the security your IT department demands.

Talk to Johnny Ramondino our Chief of All Things AI
about how to make your RPA program more Intelligent with WonderBotz AI Services.

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Chat with Your Data

Enterprise scale brings huge data clouds. Thousands of how-to, process definition, and departmental operational documents become a sea of SharePoint files that are difficult to navigate.

Chat with your Data makes these large bodies of knowledge useful again. We train your own AI ChatBot on your document database. It can then be accessed by your team in a conversational way that transforms your data cloud back into functional information.

Chat with your Data can not only query data but summarize and make inferences based on your team’s questions.

  • Your legal team might ask how many contracts are set for renewal in the next 30 days. They could then fire off an automation trigger to take action on those selected for renewal.
  • An HR ChatBot might retrieve the corporate holiday calendar and file a personal leave request form for an Employee planning a holiday.
  • A Medical team could ask if a patient had ever had a specific condition, if so when, and what was the treatment prescribed.

Access rights to specific data sets can be set by department or user. All your data stays on your on-prem servers or in your private cloud infrastructure.

ChatGPT for Automation Readiness

GPT Automation Intake icon for WonderBotz AI Services

Democratizing automation means sourcing automation ideas from business users in your organization who are uniquely suited to point out inefficiencies or process breakdowns. This is a fantastic way to understand what would move the needle in your company and spur user enthusiasm and adoption.

Simplify your automation discovery process by sourcing ideas directly through MS Teams. The chatbot leads business users through a conversation about their ideas. The chat eliminates the multi-page forms for idea submission and fields a lot of the prework required for an automation-readiness assessment. The automation opportunity is then scored and fed into your Automation Hub or other automation pipeline tool, saving hundreds of hours for your Business Analyst or CoE leader.

UiPath AI Center

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UiPath AI Center comes with prebuilt AI Models to add Machine Learning to their most popular automation processes quickly. For example, Document Understanding, Language Analysis, and Image Analysis are all included. You can also build your own AI/ML Models and add them to AI Center.

New Gen AI and AI Assistant functions are rolling out to augment your existing automation program. WonderBotz is staying at the cutting edge of implementation for UiPath AI at Work, helping organizations find the right use cases to apply AI technology to their RPA processes.

Custom Enterprise AI Solutions

Welcome to WonderBotz AI Innovation space for creating custom AI-powered intelligent automation solutions for your business needs.

Here our expert AI team creates custom chatbotz, AI-powered automation workflows, and new applications for AI technology.

Let us apply AI to the business problem that you are trying to solve for.

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