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Traditional RPA is getting smarter, that’s why we call it Intelligent Automation.

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Adding AI as a Service to your Organization

Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI are on the top of everyone’s mind, and for good reason. The productivity gains can be huge for organizations who augment their staff with these powerful tools. On the other hand, real security risks exist when inputting proprietary company information to ChatGPT or one of the other hundreds of similar AI writers we’ve watched come on the scene. Learn how to unlock all the functionality your team wants, while maintaining all the security your IT department demands.

How AI has become an important part of Intelligent Automation:

  • AI or Machine Learning Models assist robots in making more complex decisions, by leveraging the log data they receive from human users allowing them to make better and faster choices each time.
  • Generative AI Large Language Models (LLM’s) when connected to internal data, can accurately answer employee questions. It can be used for training, onboarding, fielding protocol FAQs, and can even write emails in the company’s approved voice.
  • GPT ChatBotz can be connected to your RPA system allowing digital workers to fetch data, or take actions based on user inputs.

WonderBotz is taking a SaaS approach to all of our AI Offerings, simplifying the clamor of new technologies becoming mainstream. We know that enterprises need advice on how to stay current in this rapidly evolving landscape and must continue to keep their data safe. Like all emerging technologies, the front ends are elegant but the guts that make the machine work are complex.

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GENIE CoWorker

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GENIE CoWorker is your generative AI colleague trained on your company data. It provides secure on-premises ChatGPT functionality to enterprises.

In workplaces across the world Generative AI and ChatGPT solutions are being explored. Use cases range from marketing departments, to helping salespeople prep their slide decks, to offshore teams using GPT to clean up their English in company emails.

For enterprises who have established protocols and significant company reputations to maintain, many questions emerge:

  • AI promises huge productivity gains, but is the tech worth the hype?

  • Are your employees actually getting more work done, or losing time playing with new toys?

  • Is proprietary company data being accidently leaked to the internet through these AI writers?

Our answer is Data. CoWorker is an accelerator in the GENIE suite of AI-Powered tools. It comes with deep dive GPT analytics on which departments are utilizing GPT products, if it is actually boosting productivity, and which external tools are being used.

GENIE CoWorker – Secure Generative AI Use Cases

CoWorker is a secure Enterprise Generative AI solution that when trained on your internal company data can:

  • Answer training or protocol questions, radically reducing the number of questions leaders get from employees on Slack or Teams.
  • Write company emails from any employee in the Marketing Department’s voice.
  • When turned customer facing, give factually accurate conversational information to clients.
  • It can even give specific product recommendations with relevant context from the conversation with prospects or clients.

All company information is contained inside your on-prem and private cloud instance. The data processing happens in the same place Margret from accounting, for example, is getting the shared doc she wants summarized.

In many organizations, there is a concern about using external GPT tools. Once WonderBotz GENIE CoWorker is installed, analytics can track all outside GPT usage and alert management. This allows an organization to encourage innovation while adhering to internal data security standards.

ChatGPT for Automation Intake

GPT Automation Intake icon for WonderBotz AI Services

Democratizing automation means sourcing automation ideas from business users in your organization who are uniquely suited to point out inefficiencies or process breakdowns. This is a fantastic way to understand what would move the needle in your company and spur user enthusiasm and adoption.

The collating of these data points and the subsequent analysis required to uncover true automation suitability, however, can be a time-consuming and arduous process.

Automation suggestions must be reviewed by a Business Analyst, an important and expensive functional role within the CoE. The automation leadership must determine not only what is possible, but which automation candidates will generate positive ROI. The process often requires several touchpoints and email exchanges if a system like Automation Hub is not available. The CoE then circles back to business users for more details to continue refining the blueprint for the automation build once it is deemed valuable.

WonderBotz can provide your Generative AI Business Analyst assistant to help your human BAs maximize their analysis efforts. In order for an Intelligent Automation program to effectively scale and continue delivering value, efficiencies must be realized in the human-touch associated with automation builds. This tool leads business users through a conversation about their ideas and fields a lot of the prework required for an automation-readiness assessment. Its questions clarify the process being considered for automation, and it informs the business user whether their suggestions are possible in real time.

This instant feedback provides your Automation CoE with a more fully formed use case to investigate and garners a more collaborative culture with an automation first mindset enterprise-wide. This also eliminates some of the internal “roadshow” selling that a CoE must spend time on, it allows for a digital feedback loop on what’s next in the automation pipeline.


SecureGPT is the tool that every Chief Information Security Officer has been looking for. It is the answer to the ChatGPT security questions everyone is asking. It tracks, identifies, and prevents data leakage across all GPT Applications.

Bloomberg Law was one of the first to raise the alarm about the risk of proprietary company data, trade secrets, or PII being leaked to the internet through use of GPT and LLM software.

Most data breaches are accidental:

  • The client’s name and account number were included in the email they copied and pasted to GPT to shorten. (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Perhaps the full report they dropped into GPT to summarize contained sensitive company information.
  • The PowerPoint copy they had “made more compelling” by GPT contained the trade secrets for the big quarterly reveal.

SecureGPT is part of the GENIE suite of AI-Powered Tools. The sophisticated AI data recognition models identify restricted information like PII, PHI, and PCI with over 99% accuracy, while allowing legitimate AI usage to continue unimpeded.

They are able to detect sensitive information in documents or copied text and prevent that content from being pasted into GPT applications. It alerts the user that PII was in their copy with a pop-up notification and logs that information for leadership review.

Balance AI-enhanced productivity with world class security with SecureGPT.

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