Women in RPA: Paula P. Carneiro of WonderBotz

Director of Business Development for a startup called WonderBotz


My name is Paula Carneiro. I’m the Director of Business Development for a startup called WonderBotz.

I actually consider several places home right now I’m in New Jersey. Covid sort of made that happen. I’ve been living in New York City, in Hell’s Kitchen, for five years.

Robotic Process Automation & Me

The reason that I like robotic process automation is because it’s a technology that’s strictly and fundamentally designed for a business user to use. No longer do you have to depend on coding complex input-output data to be able to get things done.

Women in RPA are rising more and more, because the ability to look at a process and understand the implications of both the systems, the people, and then matching that to what the organizational direction is, is a really, really valuable skill. It takes empathy. It takes compassion. It takes understanding. The stakeholder alignment might get tricky but really evangelizing RPA for every Enterprise and ultimately for every desktop, I think is the wave of the future.

I’m proud to be a part of Women In Technology, and am glad that I found this career path.

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