Media & Entertainment

This list contains a non-comprehensive list of ways that media and entertainment companies could and have put robots to work. Please go to
our Use Cases page for a quick overview on how to qualify tasks for automation.

License department

  • License request forms
  • License pending songs
  • License approved songs
  • License types
  • License percent claims (claims wise)
  • License expiry songs
  • License revenue
  • Modify license

Copywriter department

  • Copywriter request forms (album/songs)
  • Copywriter pending songs (album/songs)
  • Copywriter fulfilled songs (album/songs)
  • Copywriter revenue
  • Copywriter expiry songs

Royalty department

  • Royalty claims songs/albums

Synchronization and pitch department

  • Sync forms
  • Playlist with in Sync
  • Songs with in Sync
  • Process the projects (approved, rejected, in-progress)
  • Process the pitch (approved, rejected, in-progress)
  • Process the playlist associated with Sync
  • Process contacts
  • Assign Sync managers 

Lyrics writers

  • Lyrics writers – registration form
  • Lyrics processing and submission
  • Process playlist associated to lyrics

Song writers

  • Writers registration form and bio updating
  • Writers – songs updates

Song masters

  • Process albums, songs, artist, lyrics (new)
  • Process song revenue
  • Process split revenue
  • Process genre