Finance & Accounting

This list contains a non-comprehensive list of ways that finance, accounting and tax leaders could and have put robots to work. Please go to our Use Cases page for a quick overview on robotics and how to qualify tasks for automation.


  • Accelerate period-end processing
  • Update master accounts and legal entities across systems
  • Maintain attributes across systems
  • Generate reports
  • Handle adjustments

Finance and accounting

  • Process inter-company transfers
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Process accruals
  • Write off bad debt
  • Execute trial balance
  • Prepare journal entries
  • Handle reversals
  • Post payments
  • On-board vendors
  • Create purchase order
  • Consolidate accounts and reporting across regions
  • Adjustments not handled by investment systems
  • Monitor liquidity and report exceptions


  • Load tax workbooks
  • Prepare and file tax returns, especially low-complexity, FATCA, VAT, Excise and Sales taxes
  • Discrete items
  • Tax provisioning
  • Tax liability scenarios
  • Load data from general ledger into tax systems
  • Enter data on tax forms