This list contains a non-comprehensive list of ways that banks could and have put robots to work. Please go to our Use Cases page for a quick overview on robotics and how to qualify tasks for automation.

All banks

  • Pre-fill forms
  • Open accounts
  • Change account name and address
  • Verify information provided with external sources
  • Identify exceptions for QA review
  • Suspend, cancel and reinstate accounts
  • Gather information for case management
  • Close accounts


  • Loan modifications
  • Handle KYC and AML compliance and case disposition
  • Assign cases
  • Perform data enrichment on cases
  • Review transaction data
  • Refund waived fees
  • Gather information for suitability assessment and identify high-risk scenarios
  • Accept, reject and return direct debits, checks and standing orders when customer has insufficient funds
  • Cancel direct debit
  • Integrate mobile into banking processes

Credit cards and loans

  • Process applications
  • Book loans
  • Modify loans
  • Refund credit balances
  • Refund waived fees

Capital markets

  • Add new securities to systems
  • Resolve books and record breaks
  • Match and reconcile security positions
  • Clear and convey settled trades
  • Report current positions
  • Monitor liquidity and report exceptions