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Automation for Good Around the World

On many occasions, WonderBotz has risen to the occasion when asked to share the automation mission. Through various channels, our employees have been part of fulfilling our commitment to broadly share the automation conversation globally.

  • The WonderBotz UiPath MVPs are social media powerhouses

    Our commitment to evangelizing automation and cultivating the next leaders in Intelligent Automation is demonstrated by our MVP Factory. Our 3 UiPath MVP’s have hosted dozens of online trainings attended by thousands of new and aspiring developers in the UiPath Citizen Developer Community around the world.

  • Women Leading the Automation Revolution

    Echoing UiPath’s message of inclusion and social diversity, the Women in Tech at WonderBotz are paying it forward by helping other women enter the RPA field. WonderBotz mentored 3 women this year through Her Second Innings, a technical training program for women re-entering the workforce in India. Our own Paula Carneiro Cox and Kalyani Raval were panel speakers and mentors at this year’s UiPath’s Women in Automation event.

  • Sparking Automation Conversations

    Our YouTube channel boasts over 14 automation conversations with various leaders, clients, and partners in the Intelligent Automation space. See more here

Watch Paula’s Bitz About Botz interview with Eric Gold from Virginia Commonwealth University. Eric shares first use cases and getting started tips from the automation program at VCU.

Automation in Higher Education:
Empowering the Schools of Tomorrow

WonderBotz is committed to bringing the brightest future to the students of today by helping institutions modernize and usher in the workforce of tomorrow. Empowering schools in their back office and their curriculum simultaneously, we help train the Intelligent Automation leaders of the future.

The WonderBotz Education Consortium powered by UiPath allows schools to share their reusable RPA components and completed automations in our shared library. With so many similar processes behind the walls of Higher Education organizations, there is enormous synergy to be had across the ecosystem.

So far the WonderBotz Higher Education Consortium has contributed to the successful adoption of automation at 7 universities in Virginia, with plans to expand to other states in the USA. From her position on GMU Community of Practice board, Paula Carneiro Cox will champion technical curriculum development.

WonderBotz is a UiPath Platinum Partner

As a Value-Added Reseller, WonderBotz has broad experience with many of the technologies available on the market today, with AI notably becoming the rising star. As a UiPath Platinum Partner, we bring that experience to bear when we advise customers on how they can maximize their UiPath investment, integrate supporting technologies, and marry their legacy systems into one cohesive Intelligent Automation Program.

Let WonderBotz provide your company the services and expertise that have started, scaled, or reignite the automation programs of our clients. Let us help you achieve the same award-winning results they’ve seen.

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