Manage My Automations

Keeping your IPA solutions running with a human touch 

Deploying your solutions into production is a milestone, and not the end. Half of surveyed organizations said that bots are harder than expected to deploy with 87% dealing with some type of bot “failure.” 

Enterprise-scale IPA solutions require skilled solution architects and developers to build them and equally skilled controllers and support analysts to monitor and maintain them in Production after Go Live. 

WonderBotz provides unparalleled operational support services for Blue Prism, UiPath, and ABBYY. Making it easier for new, emerging, and established IPA Centers of Excellence (CoEs), operational support services include:  

  • Process controller services. Offshore and onshore end-to-end services to monitor and maintain automations in QA/test and production environments. We provide weekday and weekend shifts, including 24×7 coverage options.  
  • Process controller training. Blue Prism process controller training for organizations seeking to build internal capability. Learn more.
  • Bridge controller services. Leverage our team short-term when deploying your early day automations either as primary or backup resources.  

Process Controller, the multi-talented hero

WonderBotz process controllers wear many hats, monitoring bots, serving stakeholders, and keeping it all running. Highlighted roles include: 

  • Administrator: Monitor and maintain intelligent automation environments and platforms
  • Workload Manager: Assign, balance, and monitor case workloads and service levels
  • Investigator: Manage/investigate exceptions to ensure business continuity 
  • First Responder: Communicate issues and assist with mission critical support 
  • Collaborator: Assist in the testing and deployment efforts. Distribute benefit metrics

Managed services designed to fit your needs

WonderBotz provides round-the-clock and shift-based process controller services. You will rest easy knowing that our team is on the job when the unexpected occurs.

Don’t need round-the-clock coverage?  WonderBotz provides weekday and weekend shift-based coverage. Our managed service shifts include backup resources for business continuity during holidays, vacations, and other emergencies.  

Transitioning to us

Our comprehensive on-boarding approach is managed by a dedicated QA manager making it easy for you and enabling our process controllers to be up to speed on your business quickly.

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