Finding an AI Innovation Fund inside your existing Automation Budget

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Most mature Automation programs are finding themselves at an inflection point as Generative AI initiatives have swept the C-Suite, becoming an agenda item for every organization.

Many are searching to find space in the budget for innovation while keeping the lights on for the Automations that are delivering value. Other CoEs are struggling to stay relevant as AI buzzwords take over the conversation.

At WonderBotz, we believe the foundation of a successful AI implementation lies in the patterns created by RPA and Intelligent Automation frameworks. That’s why we are helping clients Level Up and modernize their programs and make way for AI.

Total Cost of Ownership – More than Just Licenses

To trim budgets, many organizations focus on minimizing software license costs.

But these account for less than half of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your automation program.

To create real innovation budgets, cost cutting in all areas must be addressed.

The easiest way to do this is adopting a managed service approach to take advantage of the economies of scale that a pure-play automation provider can offer.

Revealing an AI Innovation Fund by Reducing TCO

WonderBotz Managed Automation Services address each of the traditional cost centers in your program. We will:

  • Right-size your license budget by leveraging an MSP consumption-based model
  • Outsource the break-fix and production support to reduce maintenance headcount
  • Reduce infrastructure cost with a managed cloud model
  • Have a skilled team of MVP Developers on the bench for any needs in your automation program, including Governance and updates

By addressing all of the Traditional Automation program considerations we can reduce costs and reclaim operating budget for AI Innovation.

Ready to Shrink your TCO and find your AI Innovation Fund?

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