Ready to Scale Your RPA?

Start with Scale UiPath Bundle Offer

If your company has stakeholder alignment and is ready to make an investment in RPA, the WonderBotz Start with Scale UiPath package is right for you. The Start with Scale package delivers:  

  • Right number of UiPath robots for your setup 
  • Infrastructure setup services 
  • Installation of prebuilt ReportBotz to generate management reports 
  • Identification of future automation opportunities 
  • Automation pipeline evaluation including Dev/Design Consulting 
  • On-demand RPA expertise through Backstop support 


  • 3 low*  
  • 3 medium** 
  • 1 to 2 high*** or equivalent, including swapping for accounting suite prebuilt automations   

*Low is defined as having less than or the equivalent of 1 to 3 applications, 20 screens, 10 work steps, 10 deterministic business rules, and 10 business exceptions, and no human-robot integration.

**Medium is defined as having less than or the equivalent of 3 to 5 applications, 20 to 40 screens, 20 deterministic business rules, 20 business exceptions, and 1 human-robot integration. 

***High is defined as having less than or the equivalent of 5 to 9 applications, 41 to 50 screens, 25 deterministic business rules, 25 business exceptions, and 3 human-robot integrations. 

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