SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence

SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence is a process and task mining tool helping organizations understand what to automate and create the documentation to do so.

SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence powered by ABBYY Timeline is a great addition to your Blue Prism technology stack. It uses data collected on user terminals and software logs to create a view of how processes are being performed in your organization. It reveals which tasks are good candidates for RPA and creates exports of the tasks to go into automation production.

Why Organizations Choose SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence

SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence perfectly integrates with the rest of the SS&C Blue Prism technology suite. The integration of Chorus BPM, Blue Prism Digital Workers and the adjacent Decipher technologies makes for a seamless experience tracking both the tasks performed by users and the overarching system logs.  

It allows organizations to: 

  • Get a clear view of how their processes are being completed across users 
  • Calculate Automation ROI for each task 
  • Generate automation ready process workflows cutting RPA development time 
  • Expose the true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the intelligent automation program

How It Works

SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence is a process and task mining tool that combines historical process logs with user task tracking.  The process is then visualized to reveal the happy path and the more expensive variations. It can identify which users are completing task in the happy path and for each variation. This allows leadership to dig deeper into why task variations occur, to train employees, and improve the process. Leaders can choose which variations to include in the automation process, building more robust robots.

BPPI exports straight into Capture where processes can be optimized to be performed the robot way. The design plan for your automation is transferred into Design Studio for production. These seamless integrations decrease development time and ensure smooth production flow.

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The Benefits of Process Intelligence with BPPI

Find more tasks and processes 

Automating process and task mining with BPPI provides more complete data than can be collected from business users with Capture alone.

Accelerate Time to Automate

Manual discovery and design can take significant time and resources.

SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence reduces process discovery time from months to days.

Seamless Exports

Working inside the SS&C Blue Prism ecosystem allows BPPI to export PDDs and wireframes directly into Capture and Design studio.

SS&C Blue Prism licensing for BPPI

SS&C Blue Prism Process Intelligence (BPPI) can be purchased alone, but to experience maximum benefits it should be integrated into your complete Blue Prism Automation Toolkit. The starter bundle offered by WonderBotz includes the BPPI licenses and access to two process and task mining instances for a 12-month term. The bundle also includes the following services: 

  • 115 implementation and analysis hours 
  • One-time deployment on-prem or via SaaS delivery 
  • Partner oversight and automation expertise on the data revealed

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