Record-to-Report, or R2R, is an accounting process that prepares and reports on your general ledger. Leadership relies on R2R teams for strategic feedback on organizational performance.

However, there are a few challenges with record-to-report:

  • Accuracy requirements of regulators and shareholders
  • Period-to-period consistency
  • Standardization
  • Data collection, confirmation and transformation
  • Time-sensitive with operational spikes driven by month-end closes

We give time back for accountants to analyze variances and to offer business feedback. This eliminates the need to jockey spreadsheets and to perform data entries. We also offer built-in end-to-end auditability, that helps lineage for easier SOX audits.

Our solutions complement your existing R2R systems. They automate manual work and help uphold exceptions:

Leadership requires regularly generated management reports to understand business performance, often consisting of consolidated information and analysis and notes. Our solution generates consolidated management reports by:

  • gathering information from your in-house and external systems
  • creating financial analysis reports, including updating Excel models and charts in PowerPoint
  • delivering outputs to authorized parties

Stop wasting time cutting, pasting and creating pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. Enable your accountants to spend more time on high-value tasks like analyzing variances. As described in Gartner’s “When and Where to Use Robotic Process Automation in Finance and Accounting”, the solution reconciles accounts by:

  • determining which accounts need reconciliation, working with Blackline, Trintech or a comparable application
  • gathering and processing associated transaction data
  • preparing a reconciling entry, according to the individual preparer and/or organizational standards.
  • uploading the finished recon for management certification.
  • uploading recon evidence or saving support files in a secure location for auditors.

Accountants benefit even when data issues occur, such as a missing journal entry, preventing the solution from completing a recon. We speed resolution by delivering all the gathered data to the accountant, so they can finish the recon by correcting the source data and having the solution reprocess it or using another method.

Even if our solution doesn’t generate your journal vouchers, we will post them to your ERP system by:

  • uploading a templated excel-based file and attaching evidence, or
  • using a technical API to load the voucher directly into your ERP system.

Our solution creates individual journal vouchers by

  • extracting data from multiple applications
  • validating, enhancing and aggregating data
  • performing required calculations
  • preparing vouchers in the desired form or template