Order-to-Cash Automation

Order-to-Cash or O2C is an accounting process for receiving and processing customer orders. O2C team, in partnership with sales and service teams, plays a key role in maximizing revenues, minimizing revenue leakage and providing leadership and customers with timely information.

The order-to-cash challenges are many:

  • Accuracy and speed
  • Internal coordination with sales and service
  • Rapid response to customer inquiries

Our solutions complement your existing O2C systems, automate remaining manual work and help uphold exceptions:

Sometimes your clients may forget to include the invoice or PO number while paying their bills which creates unnecessary complications for your AR team. In such cases, our solution makes payment posting easier by:

  • Providing a flexible matching engine that searches and links bank and credit card deposits with missing data to open invoices
  • Posting to your accounts receivable system

Our approach lets you define your level of rigor in the matching rules, bringing humans into the loop as required to get the job done.

In certain special circumstances, customers may ask their credit card providers to withhold the supplier’s payment after receiving their services. If unanswered, the suppliers will lose their revenue, creating opportunities for bad actors to take advantage of them. Our solution limits wrongful chargebacks by:

  • Gathering disputed items from each of your merchant processors
  • Inspecting each dispute
  • Selecting the right response
  • Challenging the chargeback with support materials (if applicable)

You need to respond fast to customer inquiries, such as open purchase orders, prior invoices, payments and pricing information, etc. Unfortunately, the answers for such queries are often contained in different systems. Our solution makes it easy to generate a consolidated response to customers:

  • Gathering information from your in-house and external systems
  • Creating the statement(s) in predefined templates
  • Delivering statements to authorized parties whether the customer or their account manager
  • Optional party self-service through portal, email or chatbot layers

We speed responses to customer inquiries by automating the creation of consolidated statements and making it easier for account managers to maximize the value of the relationship.

Our solution generates consolidated management reports (e.g., billing, collections) by:

  • Gathering information from your in-house and external systems
  • Creating predefined analysis, including associated Excel and PowerPoint filess
  • Delivering outputs to authorized parties


Successful organizations receive many purchase orders from their customers. However, purchase order templates vary from customer to customer. Our hands-free at-scale solution manages purchase orders by

  • Receiving purchase orders through email or from a scanning station
  • Extracting data, including line-item details
  • Automating purchase order coding and tagging
  • Loading purchase order data into your order system
  • Loading a PDF copy of the purchase order or saving it to a secure location