Intelligent Automation in Insurance

Discover how Intelligent Automaton in Insurance is boosting revenue, improving customer service, and returning thousands of hours to businesses.

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How Insurance Automation Software works:

The Insurance Industry is loaded with legacy systems, complex forms, compliance mandates, and a need for exceptional accuracy. These are exactly the conditions where software robots thrive. Intelligent Automation in Insurance can increase revenue, speed document processing time, increase accuracy, improve customer service, and slash manual data entry.

Intelligent Automation in Insurance Examples

With advances in AI technology software robots can now read applications and claim submissions to determine the completeness of the information in seconds. Complete applications are handed to a digital worker to code into the system of record and perform preliminary qualification checks. Then only viable applications are advanced to customer onboarding and underwriting to qualify or claims adjustors to evaluate. This automation flow returned thousands of hours per year to these high value departments.

63% of millennials prefer using a live chat system over traditional channels like email or phone.

Customer services is a significant cost center that can be optimized with Intelligent Automation. One of our customers implemented an AI Chatbot to offset increasing numbers of customer service calls. By integrating secure generative AI Chat to their customer database, the chatbot can answer customer questions and trigger an update of customer information.

Other Use Cases for Intelligent Automation in Insurance

Intelligent Automation in Insurance is not only improving customer experience, it is producing real revenue generating results across a range of business areas:

  • Application Qualification
  • Customer on-boarding
  • Beneficiary changes
  • Conversions and exchanges
  • Claims handling
  • Cash Application and rejected payments
  • Know Your Customer data collection

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