GENIE – GENerating Insights for Execution

Make decisions and run your operations based upon an unbiased, fact-based view into how your employees are performing their jobs.

GENIE delivers an AI-powered unbiased view of how work is actually performed in your organization. Automatically capturing and organizing all user activity into intelligible process information, GENIE accelerates:

  • Intelligent automation lifecycle
  • Process improvement initiatives
  • Employee and workforce enablement

GENIE works in an area or across your entire organization. With GENIE, organizations can make informed decisions to which they would have previously been blind.

GENIE also generates notifications based on what it sees. Alerts identifying atypical employee behavior or breaks in compliance allow leaders to take action quickly.

Why organizations choose GENIE

GENIE combines the best of process and task mining into one management tool for a complete, unbiased view of organizational activity (aka “the facts”) with the absolute minimum time from key employees. It comprehensively captures all activity of each employee through a lightweight recording agent and uses AI to generate process flows and meaningful insights.

Legacy process mining tools and techniques rely extensively on application logs and user workshops to visualize processes and small user samples to map tasks. These methods require significant employee effort and time while delivering an incomplete view due to limitations in log availability and natural human biases.

How It Works

WonderBotz works with your privacy and infosec teams to explain how your organizational data is protected while using GENIE. Thereafter, we push the GENIE tracking agent to all users and set up the servers to collect the data. If available, we can retrieve and ingest application log files and other activity data to enhance GENIEs results. As soon as we have enough data (typically, just a few weeks), we begin running the AI models and using the analysis.

GENIE masks PII and PHI data, and data collection can be limited on an organizational and user basis through whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities. AI models are brought directly to your infrastructure and decommissioned after a run. Collected data will never leave your environment.

A glimpse at the platform

Command Center Dashboard

See the big picture including how productivity changes period to period across departments with insights into automation, process improvement and workforce management/training risks and opportunities.

Automation Benefits Accelerator

Create a living pipeline of high-value automation opportunities. Dramatically speed development with GENIE-generated as-is documentation as well as object definitions supporting each application.

Process Improvement Accelerator

See how work is actually performed, from the top or down to the workgroup level. Find and eliminate redundancies and variations while standardizing processes for efficiency and efficacy.

Employee Enablement Accelerator

Understand employee activity, executed processes, and SOP deviations, compared to their peers including a live display. Also identify your process SMEs and create enablement plans that strengthen your workforce


GENIE comes with its Core Module and three optional accelerators each supporting different operational objectives:

  • Automation Benefits Accelerator
  • Process Improvement Accelerator
  • Employee Enablement Accelerator

GENIE’s Core Module captures and organizes event-level employee activity within an enterprise. It removes biased human recollection and limited visibility from the equation entirely, providing organizations a new way to understand how work is performed under their purview. With this newly available set of data, organizations can see metrics that were entirely unattainable previously and make informed decisions to improve their results.

What you need to know when licensing GENIE

  • GENIE is licensed as an annual subscription, starting at 100 tracking agents (users) with additional discounts starting at 500 tracking agents (users). Enterprise pricing is available.
  • GENIE comes with the Core Module and there is an additional charge based upon the number of accelerators
  • Installation assistance charges are separate from license fees
  • Tracking agents are named-user licenses; trackers may be reassigned
  • Tasks and processes are not limited
  • Invoices will be issued and payable in advance of the subscription anniversary

Click the link to learn more about GENIE and arrange for a demo. If you like what you see, we can deliver a pilot in a select area including all of the accelerators.

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