eSignature Lifecycle Manager

Get signed documents and structured data back faster and with fewer errors

eSignature Lifecycle Management (ELM) engine is a robotic process automation for any business process that includes signatures on documents. Using leading eSignature platforms such as DocuSign and EchoSign, it builds consistent document envelopes, prefills your forms and gives customers/prospects one easy place to finish and validate prefilled forms as well as upload other required documents.

For example, a business seeking to establish a commercial loan needs to fill out the application, provide tax documents, real estate appraisals and more. If this is a repeat customer the lending institution can prefill the application making it easier for the applicant to complete and sign the package.

Value for customers and your team

ELM delivers signed documents and structured data back to you, so there is no need to perform OCR on your forms. ELM can be paired with WonderBotz’s data quality engine (ITC) to find potential errors and inconsistencies message back to customers/prospects or your team.

Putting your customers and prospects in charge of their data and submission creates value in many ways:

  1. Reduces back-and-forth communications
  2. Increases everyone’s productivity
  3. Eliminates wasteful lag time to speed the process
  4. Reduces rekeying errors
  5. Enables data quality opportunities by comparing prefill data with final customer-edited data

Lastly, putting your business team in charge of defining and maintaining document envelopes eliminates need for additional RPA development.

How it works

At start for a customer/prospect, eSignature Lifecycle Management (ELM) engine creates forms (prefilled if data is provided) and document placeholders using the envelope definition, and provides the organization a unique tracking number for each envelope.

As processing starts, ELM could optionally send instructions to the customer/prospect confirming expectations, explaining the process and how to use the selected eSignature platform.

Thereafter, ELM periodically or on-request checks the status of the customer/prospect and reports status to the organization.

Finally, when the envelope is signed by the customer/prospect, all of the documents (i.e., forms and uploaded documents) and available structured form data are provided to the organization.

Organization may create a duration parameter that closes the envelope and notify ELM to deactivate an envelope, if the customer/prospect doesn’t complete their work in the allotted time.

It’s easy to use and reusable

Business team defines document envelopes for each program (e.g., loan application, insurance policy application, enrollment application) which may include forms for completion by customers/prospects and placeholders for their uploaded materials such as licenses, tax filings or certificates.

It’s a great practice to prefill forms with information you already have on customers/prospects. You can provide ELM with data to completely or partially prefill any required form for a better customer/prospect experience. All form data is saved and delivered back to the organization as structured data.

Envelope definitions and other required parameters are maintained in Excel for management by business users. Each business program is set up separately and many programs can be run concurrently.

Third-party applications

  • Blue Prism
  • DocuSign or Adobe EchoSign
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook

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