​ARIA Cloud is a fully-managed Cloud solution for Intelligent Automation. ARIA Cloud combines the world’s best technologies and makes them available to you when you need them.



Don’t get stuck buying one automation platform. Get access to them all.
​With ARIA Cloud you gain access to any best-of-breed automation technology when you need it.


Your solution is dedicated to your organization, not shared. This ensures data remains separate and access to your system applications is controlled effectively.


Our ARIA Cloud solution is PCI compliant and supports GDPR requirements. This ensures you are using a secure solution you can leverage across your business lines.


Our solution is supported by RPA and Cloud experts dedicated to managing and fine-tuning your environment. This ensures your process automations maximize their productivity. When challenges do arrive, you are in good hands with our experts.

UX & Performance

ARIA Cloud has a powerful user experience ARIA designed to bring intelligent automation to your entire organization.
Our environment is optimized with SLA based scheduling and smart environment management for optimal performance

RPA License Flexibility

We strive to give you the best value and highest returns.
Bring your own licenses, buy from us or leverage on-demand pricing to manage peak demand for your license requirements.

Beyond RPA

Need more than just RPA? We've got you covered. The ARIA Cloud solution already comes with case management and reporting and hundreds of cloud connectors.
Need even more?
With ARIA Cloud we can add your choice of IA technology and manage it for you.

RPA license options explained

New RPA customer


As a new client you can purchase all your RPA software licenses with us. You can choose one or both options available:
  • Dedicated licenses with a term of 1 year, 3 years or 5 years.
  • On-demand licenses with a daily commitment or hourly.

On-premise RPA & Private Cloud customers


If you have already invested in RPA there is no need to lose your investment. You can take advantages of RaaS in several ways:

  • Migrate to ARIA Cloud: We migrate your on-premise or private Cloud installation to INVOKE ARIA Cloud and use the licenses you have already procured. You can purchase additional dedicated or on-demand licenses from us.
  • Add on-demand licenses: We can provide an ARIA Cloud solution dedicated to on-demand license consumption. This allows customers to keep their existing installation and setup and still enjoy on-demand RPA consumption.

Talk to us and learn how we will integrate with your system for FREE.