Blue Prism Cloud

Introducing Blue Prism Cloud: SaaS-delivered automation

WonderBotz is one of two Blue Prism Cloud (BPC) North America partners and one of five globally. We are uniquely qualified to help you deploy Blue Prism Cloud into your organization, whether it’s your first installation of Blue Prism, or you are migrating existing on-prem license to the Cloud or adding BPC to expand on-prem capabilities.

What is Blue Prism Cloud?

Blue Prism Cloud is a fully integrated, SaaS-delivered, intelligent automation platform that provides enterprises with access to a pool of intelligent Digital Workers straight from the cloud, with pre-integrated AI skills including:

  • Fully managed, SaaS-based intelligent automation platform with guaranteed SLAs for availability
  • Zero infrastructure requirements for launch and scaling of automation programs. 
  • Digital workers with pre-integrated AI skills ready to work on front and middle office use cases as well as back office. 
  • Simplified and transparent management of digital workforce through Hub dashboard
  • Quick and easy deployments across multiple business disciplines and geographies

Intelligent automation via SaaS delivery represents a significant opportunity for businesses of all sizes

Accelerate Automation

Improve Customer Experiences

RPA + Advanced, Pre-integrated AI

Built on the foundation of Blue Prism’s core RPA software, Blue Prism Cloud helps companies securely scale automations while benefitting from the inherent flexibility of the cloud and pre-integrated AI technologies.

Extend on-prem capabilities with à la carte Blue Prism Cloud functionality.

Three core capabilities are available as add-on products for on-prem connected-RPA solutions. Blue Prism Cloud Hub, Blue Prism Cloud Interact and Blue Prism Cloud AIDA all address key needs for enterprises looking to maximize value from their investment.

Blue Prism Hub eases lifecycle management

Blue Prism Cloud Hub (BPC Hub) serves as the interface for the management of automation lifecycles, acting as a productivity tool so organizations can Identify, Scope, Design, Build, Test, Deploy and Operate enterprise process automations.

Hub’s business-friendly interface and control room environment gives organizations access and insight into their process automation landscape, including digital worker utilization and performance and the ability to support Center of Excellence (CoE) roles and responsibilities in guiding successful and scalable outcomes. Hub can also be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and is designed with end-user security in mind.

Users of Blue Prism Cloud Hub will also have access to Wireframer, a powerful process automation design tool that autonomously builds out the core process structure, ensuring that the appropriate controls are in place for everything from application interaction through to exception handling.

Blue Prism interact puts humans in the loop

Blue Prism Cloud Interact is a web interface that acts as a bridge between people and digital workers which allows greater collaboration and more effective interaction with your digital workers. 

Accessible via a browser on any computer or mobile device, BPC Interact is designed to address any process that requires manual initiation (attended automation), or human intervention (human-in-the-loop). Interact can also be customized to fit the business’s branding guidelines and the look/feel of an individual business. Business users leverage simple, ready to use templates in order to create new dynamic web forms that create flexible automations addressing a wide range of use cases.

Blue Prism IADA® optimizes digital workers

Blue Prism Cloud Intelligent Automation Digital Assistant® (BP Cloud IADA®) acts as the brain of the Blue Prism digital workforce, overseeing cross-departmental workers in a management capacity. BPC IADA sits at the center – supporting the communication of the subcomponents, creating machine learning-driven levels of utilization, and providing cognitive capabilities to the digital worker execution layer. 

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