Software Testing as a Service

Stop testing software manually. Save money, time, and effort and get better,
more reliable results with Software Testing as a Service.

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There are many considerations when testing your software and custom APIs. Thoroughly testing software before deployment into production is vital to smooth implementations and business continuity. Moving to fully automated software testing dramatically speeds up testing cycles. Running testing scripts is the very definition of repetitive work! Let us help you get it done with an intelligent automation-based approach through our Software Testing as a Service.

System updates, upgrades, and other changes can cause applications and APIs to break. Continuous testing makes sure your software keeps working.

Who is Software Testing as a Service Right for?

Organizations that are in the process of making substantial changes to their software stack need to test their existing software and the new integrations. This is especially useful for those using a multi-phased approach or making frequent changes to legacy applications like:

  • SAP HANA upgrades
  • Regression testing for updates to legacy platforms
  • API Testing
  • User Story Validation
  • Platform Stress Analysis

Who is Software Testing as a Service Right for?

WonderBotz RPA Testing as a Service team member designing RPA test cases

How it Works

Take the weight off your business and IT testing teams with our WonderBotz software testing team. We help design the test cases for new automations and use test bots to do the work. They will execute the regression testing in a secure QA environment.

We will make sure industry best practices are followed, and software testing code is reusable. Not to mention, if we uncover gaps, we can help you utilize intelligent automation to close them when that makes sense.

Let our team turn your software robots into WonderBotz!

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Benefits of  Software Testing as a Service

  • Full Scope

    Test software on more variations than would be discovered manually.

  • Increase ROI

    Lower testing costs increase long-term ROI.

  • Code Base Confidence

    Ensure industry best practices are followed, proper governance is in place, and all of your software works together.

  • Employ Test Robots

    Your testing is performed by Test Robots, keeping costs low and accuracy high.

  • Minimize Downtime

    Reduce business disruption due to unseen bugs.

  • Prepare for Scale

    Get ready to add new software and confirm your older code works with new technologies, like AI and OCR.

Licensing for Software Testing as a Service

Licensing for Software Testing as a Service can be delivered as a per-project or ongoing license structure. We work with you to design the service for your unique needs and circumstances.

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