WonderBotz Podz RPA Professional Services

WonderBotz Podz is an RPA Professional Service, whether filling one seat or designing a full team, we can provide you the RPA developer staff you need.

WonderBotz is known for being an RPA Solutions Provider with packaged, ready to deploy, prebuilt technology solutions. We are also an RPA Professional Services provider offering prebuilt, experienced development teams.

A Wonderbotz Pod could be as small as lending you one of our developers to fill a seat on your team. It can be as robust as a full ready to deploy Automation CoE and Development staff. You know us for finding you the right technology, we can find you the right people too.

When do WonderBotz Podz make sense?

When you need to fill an empty seat in your RPA development team now.

Hiring in any industry has challenges. Recruiting, interviewing, and training all take time and resources. In many job markets it can take 1-3 months for a developer to give proper notice and be ready to join your project. After you have procured this person there is more time spent vetting their skills and confirming they are a fit on your team.

With WonderBotz pods we are lending you a member of our development team. Someone we have worked with and trust. A person we know is experienced with the platforms and software you are using. An RPA developer who is ready to start delivering value this week.

Find out how affordable it can be to get the professional RPA development help you need.

How does a FTE RPA Professional Services contract work?

Full-time RPA Professional staff

A WonderBotz Podz contract places a Full-time RPA Professional staff member on your team for a 6m –3y term. We have fully trained experienced developers available for each of the platforms we work with.

Available Developers

  • UiPath Developers 
  • Blue Prism Developers  
  • IBM Data Cap  
  • AWS Developers 
  • Other specialist available upon request 

Flexible team members

Your team member does not have to be fixed. If your needs change you can swap out the developer who is in your seat with 30 days’ notice. Many of our team members are cross trained on more than one platform and can stay with you as your needs evolve.

Blended Rates for competitive pricing

Our teams are a mix of our US, India, and other off-shore development staff. For full team placements we offer blended rates and level billing over your contract period making the accounting easy.

What if I need help but not Full Time?

For Fractional use of RPA Professional Services we suggest our Backstop Support Service. It allows your company access to fractional usage of any of our RPA professionals. These contracts are similarly a minimum of 6 months, but can be renewed indefinitely as your relationship with our team builds.  

Where Podz contracts bring stability and continuity, Backstop contracts can be as consistent or as flexible as you need. 

What to Expect from your WonderBotz Podz Experience

With WoderBotz Podz our people become your people. While on your team the professional RPA developers we have trained are under your management and work inside your systems.  

As your RPA Journey progresses your needs change. Using a flexible staffing service allows you to overcome unexpected volume increases, technology skill gaps, and resource scarcity.

Let us help you design your RPA Professional dream team.