Starting Your RPA Journey

Welcome to the digital transformation through intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) party!

We are a one-stop shop for all of your needs, helping you to identify and prioritize candidates, build and execute your capability roadmap, develop automations, enable developers and your team, license your software, and stand up your enterprise-scale infrastructure


Let us be your extended team through our Backstop services. If you are ready to dive deeper into learning how our experience and knowledge can grow your business, book some time with our team so we can learn more about your challenges.

Focus first on scale

Your new program must quickly become self-sustaining. Your program’s ability to fund itself makes it material and deserving of ongoing sponsorship. Otherwise, it is a soon-to-be-cut management distraction (aka, a “zombie-bots” experiment)

Each new automation tends to provide great payback. However, your program isn’t self-sustaining until its total value exceeds your operating costs. These costs include your time, software fees, development costs, and training. The best way to self-sustain is to deploy many high-value automations quickly.

Leadership sometimes demands quick payback while expecting you to do it all on your own. This mixed message is actually two different opposing requests. No early-stage program can achieve this on its own. Period, full stop. WonderBotz Backstop can help you create a self-sustaining high-value program.

Score early wins

Now is the time to deliver value–what our co-founder Steve describes as ‘we need to see dirt flying out of holes’. Early wins build confidence within the leadership team and establish the program as material. Cherry-pick your backlog for valuable opportunities supported by friendly sponsors.

Path to early wins:

  1. For value, nothing is faster than prebuilt solutions. Our report consolidation can make a big splash fast.
  2. Our accounting suite has something for every organization.
  3. We make short work of your custom automation by starting with our existing reusable code.

Set it up right from the start

Intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) programs run on costly software and infrastructure. Invest early-on in enterprise-scale infrastructure. Weak infrastructure causes inexplicable failures which waste everyone’s time to diagnose.

We help manage your platform license commitments, preferably as your reseller. Generally, robots use subscription-basis licenses discounted for term, quantity and multi-year prepayment. Having too many unused robots creates unnecessary licensing and infrastructure expenses.

For the best pricing, opt for a three or five-year term and select a quantity that is at the beginning of a pricing tier. You then set a delivery (or drawdown ) schedule that is conservative for each year. For example, if a discount starts at the 11th robot, then on a five-year term, you agree to 3-4-5-5-11 robots in years one to five. If you find you need more robots later, you add more robots to your order or speed up later deliveries. If your salesperson isn’t reviewing these buying options, you should work with us.

Recapping how we deliver results