Staff Augmentation

Let our team of experts help you decide if Staff Augmentation is a good fit for your team.

How we staff developers

Staff augmentation services focus on providing skilled developers with established intelligent robotics process automation (RPA/IPA) programs, including:


  • One or more US and India-based developers and senior developers who are deployed alongside your existing teams whether onsite or remotely.
  • Perform solution design, configuration and unit testing of automations, and support user acceptance testing.

Not in-scope

  • WonderBotz frameworks, developer helpers, connectors, reusable code, patterns. Some of these items are available on a separate fee basis.
  • We are not warranting performance of business analysis, solution architecture, infrastructure services, software maintenance, crisis/disaster recovery, production support. If you need this additional support, Staff Augmentation pairs well with our Backstop.

How we deliver developers

On a six-month basis or longer, we provide our experienced developers as employees, either onsite or remote, who work under your functional direction. We charge for time and expenses based on actual hours. This is a full-time assignment with a corresponding minimum monthly hour commitment from you.

We utilize the same people who perform our high-end Automation projects, except provided through this no-frills, low-cost service model. These assignments are often renewed with staff continuity. Corp-to-Corp (CTC) inquiries are welcome.

When Staff Augmentation makes sense

Clients of all sizes and industries utilize our staff augmentation services and, in the right situation, this approach is an invaluable supplement to your developer team. It works well with Help Me Scale clients with high-performing internal intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) capabilities.

However, this is not the right offering for New to RPARescue Me, and Make Me Self-sufficient clients as you need to be able to provide proper functional direction to these resources.