RPA Training

Our team of RPA Experts will lead onsite or online RPA Training courses to guide your staff to become certified Intelligent Automation Developers.

Get started right on your RPA Journey by training your RPA development team. Build out from the RPA 101 course into specific courses on the UiPath or Blue Prism RPA platforms.

Our WonderBotz RPA Expert instructors can come lead classes on your campus or online. They can assess where you are in your current RPA program and answer questions as your team learns and builds out your automations.

When does RPA Training make sense?

RPA Training makes sense for those who are new to RPA development or new to a specific RPA platform. 

Each RPA platform has unique design and implementation requirements.  The online academies offered by UiPath or Blue Prism are a great start.  WonderBotz RPA Training takes you deeper into advanced skills with a live instructor who will teach your staff how to apply what they are learning directly to your automation program.

Get started with the RPA training your team needs.

Intelligent Automation Courses

RPA 101 – Developer Essentials

Go deeper than UiPath Academy or Blue Prism University RPA Foundations. Our Introduction to RPA course is led by a live instructor to coach and answer your team’s questions. Learn to use your RPA platform and get participants who are new to RPA up to speed building their first usable automations for your company. 

  • Platform: UiPath or Blue Prism 
  • Objectives 
    • Build proficiency in configuring UiPath or Blue Prism
    • Exposure to the RPA project life cycle
    • Automate your first end-to-end business process
  • Duration– 5 days onsite or online  
  • Prerequisites – none

IPA 102- RPA Advanced Techniques

Intelligent Process Automation 102 builds upon skills from RPA 101 and covers advanced materials to be mastered by accredited developers. Gain mastery in UiPath or Blue Prism RPA development. Qualified participants may sit for the Blue Prism® Developer Certification exam at the end of this course. 

  • Platform: UiPath or Blue Prism 
  • Objectives 
    • Build automations using multiple applications
    • Advanced case management and error management techniques
    • Prepare students to take the Blue Prism Developer Exam 
  • Duration– 5 days onsite or 2 weeks online over 8 sessions
  • Prerequisites – RPA 101 Developer Essentials or equivalent, including completion of consolidation exercise

RPA 151 – Business Strategy and Automation Roadmap Development

Learn to build and manage RPA Development roadmaps. Progress from assessing and choosing the right automation candidates, through production and delivery of completed automations.  

  • Objectives
    • Assess organizational RPA readiness and build alignment
    • Establish evaluation criteria for RPA candidates
    • Prioritize RPA candidates and set delivery roadmap
    • Master key documents, including process documentation for hand-off to developers
    • Design User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Plan 
  • Duration– Three 3-hour sessions lead onsite or online
  • Prerequisites – RPA 101 Developer Essentials or equivalent

RPA 161 – Solution Designer

Equips RPA design and development leads with the capability to conceive solutions adhering to best-of-breed principles between human-way and robot-way for higher quality and greater resiliency. 

  • Platform: Blue Prism or UiPath 
  • Objectives
    • Explore design authority framework targeting automation quality, resiliency, and scale
    • Review process documentation and design tools that assist design-thinking 
    • Discuss enterprise design principles, advanced work queues, and web service integrations 
    • Facilitate interactive solution design and code review sessions 
    • Explore advanced topics based on current configuration and design needs 
  • Duration – Three 3-hour sessions lead onsite or online 
  • Prerequisites – Experienced or accredited RPA developers highly recommended, Access to RPA platform testing environments for demos

RPA 171 – RPA Process Controller

Equips RPA Process Controllers to design a service model for sustainable RPA operational support. Understand the considerations for organizations with new, established, or mature intelligent automation programs. Learn to perform day-to-day system administrator tasks.  

  • Platform: Blue Prism or UiPath 
  • Objectives
    • Review service model framework for RPA operational support 
    • Define RPA Process Controller role and responsibilities 
    • Discuss advanced topics related to RPA Platforms 
  • Duration – Three 3-hour sessions lead onsite or online 
  • Prerequisites – RPA 101 Developer Essentials or equivalent, Access to RPA platform testing environments for demos

RPA 181 – Infrastructure Upgrade

Project-based learning series that guides IT and RPA teams through an enterprise-level infrastructure upgrade. Designed to enable in-house capabilities, IT teams actively learn, shadow, and practice the skills needed to design, configure, and troubleshoot future infrastructure upgrades. 

  • Platform: Blue Prism or UiPath
  • Objectives 
    • Understand how to design, optimize, and install an enterprise-level RPA Platform upgrade 
    • Evaluate how upgrade will impact live automations and align regression testing 
    • Implement infrastructure upgrade and align deployment schedules for live automations 
  • Duration – online in 4 sessions, 2-3 hours each, over 6-8 weeks 
  • Prerequisites – Existing Blue Prism or UiPath installation and licenses, Designated project delivery roles

Get the knowledge and help you need

RPA courses can be purchased separately or as a package. For even more support, combine RPA Training with on of our RPA Professional Services.  

With Backstop Support Services gain access to advice from any of our RPA professionals as you progress on you automation journey. From planning, to code check, and troubleshooting we have the right person to answer your questions.  

For more hands-on guidance to ensure the success of your first RPA program we recommend taking on Co-Pilot Developers. A WonderBotz Software Architect and Sr RPA Developer will lead your newly trained team to completing your first round of automation goals.

What to Expect from your WonderBotz RPA Training Experience

All of the WonderBotz RPA Training courses can be presented onsite or online. Each course is led by a live subject matter expert. Instructors answer questions from students and help them apply what they are learning directly to your company’s specific requirements and RPA environment.

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