RPA Infrastructure Services

Establishing a stable RPA Infrastructure is one of the keys to a successful automation Program. But which structure is right for your business?

Whether you are just starting your RPA program or performing an RPA Infrastructure check-up on your existing program, there are a few important items to consider. 

Keeping your RPA Infrastructure up to date does ensure you have access to the latest features and highest speeds. But more importantly there are serious security and stability concerns with letting your software get out of date.  

Small consistent upgrades allow your RPA Program to keep humming with minor adjustments as you go along. Large jumps in version numbers can cause significant issues and bot breaks.

When do RPA Infrastructure Services make sense?

Companies should consider RPA Infrastructure services when:

  • Starting a new RPA Program
  • Scaling up or upgrading your RPA Technologies
  • Significant system updates are required

These are moments where strategic business planning is needed to create the foundation for your RPA Program. The type, size, capacity and speed of your RPA Infrastructure directly affect the cost, efficiency, and success of your automation initiatives.

Let a member of our staff review your RPA Infrastructure needs.

RPA Infrastructure Choices - On-prem vs Cloud

On-premise RPA Infrastructure

Some industries have regulatory and compliance concerns that require them to host all of their information on physical servers on-premise. Both UiPath and Blue Prism offer on-premise versions of their solutions, however there are a few tools that work better in cloud hosting. In these instances, private cloud infrastructures can be blended with physical server hosting for a best of both worlds infrastructure.

Cloud RPA Infrastructures

Cloud based RPA Infrastructures, whether private or managed, do not require the space or upfront investment of physical servers. Working in the cloud allows you to purchase the hosting and processing power that you need on a monthly or annual basis. Cloud based systems allow you the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. In Managed Cloud solutions the servers, and even your RPA software can be kept up to date automatically, avoiding update issues.

Benefits of a Fully Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Now is a great time to take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of moving to the Cloud. When you choose a Managed Cloud solution many of the technical challenges of setting up your own infrastructure are taken care of automatically.  

WonderBotz is pleased to offer our own Managed Cloud Solution, ARIA Cloud. Purchased alone or as part of a larger managed service package, our customers can take advantage of the ease, speed, and cost flexibility of working in the cloud.  

  • All of your RPA software in one place – ARIA Cloud houses and operates all of your RPA software in one easy to access portal.  
  • Always stay up to date – All of your RPA software automatically updates, keeping version numbers current and matching across all of your automation toolkit. 
  • Consumption Based Pricing – ARIA allows for consumption-based pricing hyper-optimizing your digital workers and reducing overall RPA software license costs.  
  • Flexibility – Scale up your program, add capabilities, and manage high volume times of the year easily and affordably.

What to expect when moving your RPA Infrastructure to ARIA Cloud

If you are scaling up your existing RPA Program and are ready to take advantage of the ease and flexibility of working in a managed cloud infrastructure, you will be considering a migration.

The WonderBotz team has complete guides to make your migration from an on-premise infrastructure easy to complete. We also have RPA Professional Services available to handle the migration for you if you would rather.

You can bring your existing licenses with you and integrate them into your expanded RPA toolkit. Add connectors, prebuilt solutions, and additional capabilities to your stack as needed to further optimize your performance.

If you are in the advantageous position of just starting your RPA Program, the WonderBotz team Managed Services can build the perfect RPA toolkit for your automation goals. We can build in any training or support you need to make your first automation project a success.

Talk to a member of our team about how moving to a fully managed cloud infrastructure can benefit your organization today.