RPA as a Service

WonderBotz presents RPA as a Service, bringing together the technology, infrastructure, and expertise you need to start or scale your Automation Program.
Traditional RPA providers deliver licenses on an annual basis, per run-time, which often leads customers to purchase more than they would need. RPA IT and infrastructure set ups can be complex, and the hosting costs can balloon as your RPA program begins to scale.

WonderBotz is answering the call to simplify licensing and relieve our clients of infrastructure IT concerns. Through RPA as a Service WonderBotz will manage your best-of-breed technology stack and RPA infrastructure, so you don’t have to.

Why Organizations Choose RPA as a Service

Using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help reduce the risk of costly missteps that hinder leadership support for the program and drag down promised ROI.

RPA as a Service is designed for those who are: 

  • Just starting their RPA Journey and don’t want to invest in the tools or talent in-house 
  • Scaling their RPA technology program and need help identifying adjacent IA technologies 
  • Tired of justifying annual renewals and complicated licensing structures  
  • Priced out of using best-of-breed RPA technologies 
  • Over budget due to incremental hosting and infrastructure costs 

Your Custom MSP Package will be tailored to the capabilities you need now. ARIA Cloud’s easy add-on structure allows you to purchase additional capabilities or services as you scale. We’ve given our clients the option to leverage Surge Capacity for busy peak processing times (i.e. end of month, end of quarter) without having to purchase additional licenses.

How it works

It’s simple. You tell us what your desired outcomes are, and we will assemble the correct technology & talent package for you.

The digital workers, orchestrators, action centers, test tools and all the pieces you need to produce your business objectives will be included. If you want to add advanced capabilities like document understanding, AI, or intelligent chat, those are available as well. Bring your own licenses from any platform or purchase ours.

RPA as a Service allows you to reap the benefits of best-of-breed RPA technology, expert talent without the headache of infrastructure upgrades and maintenance in one contract. Let us manage the infrastructure and hosting, so you can focus on building the automations that drive your business forward. (Or have us build them… we can do that too.)

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What an RPA as a Service Package might look like

Each package will be customized to your company’s specific automation goals. We will focus on the capabilities you need now, and make it easy to add more as you scale.

Platform Options

Start with a best-of-breed RPA platform like UiPath or Blue Prism. Add additional Low-Code, AI, IDP, OCR, Conversational AI, Process/Task Mining, and Automation Orchestration Platforms to meet your goals.

Hosting and Infrastructure

Cloud hosted RPA Infrastructure is included in your package. You can orchestrate your suite of RPA Technologies through ARIA Cloud.

Expert support

Get the launch phase help you need to configure, develop, and manage your RPA program.

Surge Capacity

Get the extra robot capacity you need to process volume spikes, and pay for only for the overtime hours you use.

Included Boosts

Our powerful connector ETL Essentials comes with every contract.

Available Add-ons to increase speed and ease of implementation

If you need help getting your RPA program up and running, WonderBotz offers RPA Professional services. Our team can help with anything from planning, to custom development, to a full Co-Pilot program to assist your team with their first builds.

Our Prebuilt automation solutions short-cut development time and start delivering value right away.  Our Finance and Accounting Suite is a great kickstart to any automation journey. Special pricing is available when bundled with your managed services contract.

Know what to automate first and get accurate ROI projections with Automation Discovery powered by GENIE, the Enterprise Intelligence tool.

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