Production Support

Process controllers are the guardians and caretakers for your production environment and keep everything running around the clock. They wear many hats–monitoring bots, serving stakeholders, and keeping your automations running.


The most critical role is protecting the production environment from poorly designed and built automations that could undermine your program’s credibility and create disappointment among your business stakeholders and leadership.


We recognize that not everyone has the ability to build high-quality automations. However, we insist that developers adhere to basic design and configuration standards and that the business team has fulfilled its role in accepting the final work product. While hypercare is expected for newly promoted automations, it should not be the norm past the first week or so, notwithstanding truly extraordinary circumstances. Not sure if Production Support is a good fit for you? Connect with our team to discuss your challenges and needs. We can help guide you in the right direction.​

What we do in Production Support

Our process controllers support Blue Prism, UiPath, and ABBYY platforms:

  • Monitor and maintain intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) environments and platforms in QA/test and production environments
  • Assign, balance, and monitor case workloads and service levels
  • Manage/investigate exceptions to ensure business continuity
  • Communicate issues and assist with mission-critical support
  • Assist in the testing and manage production deployment
  • Distribute benefit metrics
  • Optionally, we provide hours for upgrade support, new deployments, break-fix and minor enhancements but create development projects for substantial efforts including any effort requiring solution architecture review.
  • Automation Assessment sets remediation agenda that is implemented by the break-fix resources and, as necessary, project resources.

How it is delivered

On a multi-year contract for our most favorable shift pricing, we provide weekday and weekend shift-based coverage scalable up to 24×7 using combinations of our India and US-based teams and hours for break/fix minor maintenance efforts. Additionally, our assigned shifts include backup personnel for business continuity during holidays, vacations, and other emergencies.

Our comprehensive onboarding approach is managed by a dedicated QA manager making it easy for you and enabling our process controllers to be up to speed on your business quickly.

And, because we help our clients no matter what, we will do our best to support short-term or less-than-full shifts for a fair price. And, whether or not you are an existing client, if you’re in a jam and need bridge services due to unexpected staffing challenges, call us and we’ll figure out a way to help.

When Production Support makes sense

Our clients of all sizes and industries enjoy our high-value production support services:

  • It’s a fundamental service for Manage My Automations clients
  • New to RPA clients use our production support, often on a reduced shift basis, to gain trusted expert delivery without having to build a part-time team with other responsibilities.
  • Rescue Me clients use our product support to regain control of run-away low-quality automations that had previously been promoted to production before their time.