Production Support Services

From back-up support to full 24/7 maintenance WonderBotz Production Support Services are here to keep your Intelligent Automation program running smoothly.

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As automation programs scale, the task of maintaining previous builds can put a drain on teams tasked with creating new automations.

Splitting the workload prevents task shifting and increases efficiency in both teams. The delivery team can focus on creating new value, while the production support team protects existing value.

Using WonderBotz Production Support is a flexible cost-effective option either to supplement your in-house production team or completely maintain your existing automation library.

Production Support Services

When does this service make sense?

  • Scaling quickly

    As your program grows our blended team of on-shore and off-shore support can be a cost-effective staffing solution to keep your delivery goals on track.

  • New to RPA

    How an automation performs in a test environment can be different from a production environment. Let our experts advise on the transition from testing to production.

  • Experiencing runaway maintenance costs

    Production support can stabilize performance by identifying and fixing problematic automation code.

How much could you save with Production Support Services?

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How Production Support Services Work:

Flexible 24/7 Production Support Coverage

WonderBotz Production Support Services are flexible. We can find the right blend to meet any program’s needs.

  • Full support – our team will monitor and maintain your existing automation program around the clock.
  • Supplementing your existing team – we can cover the hours that your in-house team are off shift.
  • Split shift support – for smaller programs we can create an ultra-light contract to check on your automations daily.

Break Fix coverage

There are many reasons an automation can break; system updates, credential changes, vendor platform updates, exceptions, or inefficient initial design.

The WonderBotz Production support team is continuously monitoring to detect when an automation goes down. We will investigate and fix bot breaks to get the automation back up and running, preventing business disruption.

Support for your Delivery team

Our production controller can support your delivery team in the solution design phase. They can add expert advice on how a proposed automation would behave in your production environment. They ensure a smooth hand off from delivery to production, making sure your new botz first day on the job is a successful one.

Protection across your entire Automation Tech Stack

At WonderBotz our team has experience across all of the major RPA platforms and the adjacent technologies. We have the right person to diagnose and perform bot fixes across UiPath, SS&C Blue Prism, AA, ABBYY, Hyperscience, PowerAutomate and others. We will cross train our people to meet your specific Intelligent Automation program needs. With thorough documentation we make sure your in-house team always knows what changes were made.

How Production Support Services are Delivered

Production Support Services are best delivered as a partnership over a 3-5 year engagement. Our Production Support team integrates with your delivery team, learning your environment and unique automations. We offer peace of mind that we will keep your automation delivering value and achieving consistent business outcomes over time.

We can provide additional moment in time contracts to perform cloud migrations, regression testing for major updates, and deeper dives into optimizing your automation library. Being armed with a deep knowledge of your program cuts delivery time on these projects and ensures smooth execution.

Talk to a member of our team about designing the right Production Support package for you.

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