Help me manage my automation program(s)

Process controllers guard your production environment and keep everything running around the clock. Done poorly, it’s a massive headache. Done right, it’s invisible. Relying on a non-RPA/IPA outsourcer for this role adds layers of grief on top of the do-it-myself approach.


Many find this no-win situation stressful at best and a distraction at worst. Outsourcing to an organization like ours creates time for more value-adding new activities.

Deploy quality automations

WonderBotz production support delivers the same quality that we’re known for throughout our business.

Quality begins much earlier than deployment, preferably during design and configuration reviews. Newly-built automations must conform to at least good (ideally leading) practices. Flaws and bugs must be fixed in development and unit testing. UAT and deployment to production should be low drama.

If exceptions occur in production automations, we’re on it like bloodhounds on the ascent. We locate the issues and work with your IT team to address them. We also perform minor enhancements with this team. Book some time with our team and we can home in on your existing issues and challenges.

Right-size intelligent RPA capacity

Intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) programs run on costly infrastructure and software. Infrastructure needs to be ready for enterprise-scale to avoid failures. If not, SLA misses and stakeholder and leadership disappointment will happen. We know how to set up the platforms, whether it’s the first time, a repair or an upgrade.

We help manage your platform license commitments, preferably as your reseller. Generally, robots use subscription-basis licenses discounted for term, quantity and multi-year prepayment. Having too many unused robots creates unnecessary licensing and infrastructure expenses.

For the best pricing, you should opt for a three or five-year term and select a quantity that is at the beginning of a pricing tier. You then set a delivery (or drawdown ) schedule that is conservative for each year. For example, if a discount starts at the 11th robot, then on a five-year term, you agree to 3-4-5-5-11 robots in years one to five. If you find you need more robots later, you add more robots to your order or speed up later deliveries. If your salesperson isn’t reviewing these buying options, you should work with us.

Deploying your solutions into production is a milestone and not the end. Enterprise-scale intelligent RPA solutions need skilled controllers and support analysts to watch and maintain them in production. Equally skilled solution architects and developers to build them. Use our Backstop to complement production support. Backstop provides strategic guidance and quality that keeps everything else running smoothly.

Recapping how we deliver results

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