Infrastructure Services

Intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) programs run on costly software and infrastructure. If the infrastructure is not correctly set up, the robots may encounter unexpected and inexplicable errors.


Early investment in enterprise-scale infrastructure, creates consistency for your digital workers to thrive and eliminates repeated regression testing required for a staged approach. Basically, do it once and do it right. Connect with our team by requesting an Automation Assessment to see if Infrastructure Services are the right fit for you.


What we do

Our infrastructure services apply to Blue PrismUiPath and ABBYY platforms:

  • For new infrastructure and re-implementations, we design scalable infrastructure and provide initial set-up services aligned to the production license count, inclusive of (i) development, (ii) quality, and (iii) production environments.
  • For assessments and platform upgrades, we review existing RPA/IPA infrastructure design based upon available documentation, surveys and IT workshops, and provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Implement (or assist in implementing) the design or applicable recommendations in your environment, including Login Agent using windows single sign-on and provided credential manager.

How it is delivered

We offer infrastructure services as hands-on projects and, for Blue Prism only, as part-time support advisors. We charge on a fixed price basis for new infrastructure and assessments and on time and expense basis for implementation assistance. This work is performed remotely unless otherwise agreed.

When Infrastructure Services make sense

Clients of all sizes and industries utilize our infrastructure services:

  • Any client planning to upgrade their intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) platforms to current versions.
  • New to RPA clients rely on us to get them set-up right and for scale from the start, eliminating the need for early disruptive upgrades.
  • Help Me Scale clients rely on us to upgrade earlier infrastructure more appropriate for pilot and low scale volumes.
  • Rescue Me clients rely on us to assess and remediate poorly designed or hastily implemented an infrastructure that is causing production failures.

IMPORTANT: if you have been working on your initial infrastructure for at least a year, it’s time for a check-up.