Help me improve my program

Intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) programs are often over-hyped and under-delivered.

This creates headaches which can weaken organizational enthusiasm.

Perhaps the team focused too much on tactical quick hits and is unsure how to define a higher-value program.

Or, a consultant or partner let you down, leaving you with low-value “zombie-bots”.


We get your program on track providing necessary planning, resources, and operations. These services will make your intelligent RPA/IPA program successful over time. If it helps, we’ll tell everyone that we’re here for a Help Me Scale program.

Stabilize production automations

Repair automations that fail too often or create too many exceptions or cause service problems. Well-built automations are resilient and run in production without drama.

Sometimes systems and business exceptions are ok. But, there should never be a time when your process controller needs to run the automation by hand. A horror story, we took over the production support from a Big Consultant to find that their automations lacked in exception management. These robots were unable to restart from where they left off (e.g., no resiliency, no recovery). When confronted, the Big Consultant declared that the client had accepted the deliverables, and it was now their problem. Through our production support program,  WonderBotz fixed the shameful gaps left by our predecessor. The client leader wrote, “We appreciate all you do for us that we know isn’t itemized”.

Want a low commitment but fast start? We can perform a fast automation assessment and develop a prioritized plan to get you running smoothly.

Increase speed-to-value

While there may be many reasons for your current situation, leadership likely only sees a program that delivers too little value, costs too much, and/or takes too long. This collectively equals ‘distraction’. Either the programs (or you in your role) are going to get canceled unless the situation turns around.

The good news, most organizations will let you hit the reset button (once). This is not the time for an organizational change strategy. This is the time to deliver value now – what our co-founder Steve describes as ‘we need to see dirt flying out of holes’.

Pick a high-value candidate from your backlog that has a supportive, ideally influential, sponsor. Some rapid remediations for your consideration:

  1. For creating value now, nothing delivers faster than a pre-built solution. Our report consolidation makes a big splash fast.
  2. WonderBotz accounting suite has something for every organization.
  3. Our assemble-to-order approach enables us to quickly build your custom automations.

It took some time to get where you are and it’s going to take time to get back on track.

Right-size your management systems

Let WonderBotz Backstop and training services serve your evolving needs over time at an affordable price. Not only do we advise you on everyday decisions, we bring experts for design and configuration reviews.

There is a lot written on how you manage your intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) program. ROM (aka robotic operating model) includes everything from backlog discovery to production automations.

What is often left out of ROM discussions is that it evolves over time. You must get it right for your then-current stage of intelligent RPA maturity. This was a hard lesson for the RPA leader at a major financial services institution. She over-emphasized change and organizational form before early results. Her advisors endorsed a ROM with more weight and expense than needed for their early stage. Ultimately, executive sponsors became disillusioned, pulled her budget and she left the organization. In a later interview, she stated that she had wished she had focused less on the capability and more on results.

Recapping how we deliver results

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Stabilize production automations
Right-size your management systems