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Congratulations on your track record of value and successful growth to date. Need more developers? Need the best to get more advanced automations built and working? We want to help.

On-demand RPA/IPA experts

Depicted below, robotic operating models have three sides (i.e., demand, supply and run) and three management systems (i.e., benefits, alignment and quality).

Needless to say, a lot of parts must be in place to scale your intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) program. This is why we created our Backstop service. Backstop is your go-to place for fast answers from practitioner subject matter experts.

More high-value automations

If you’re ready to scale, then you have already stood up the basics and been delivering value. The leadership team is excited and hungry for more high-value automations. You have access to more budget and more active sponsorship.

First, ensure your automation backlog is in order. Your backlog is living evolving list to be reprioritized as needs change. Generally,  Backlog is built two ways (i.e., bottom-up canvassing, a top-down hypothesis-based). Next, you apply a process improvement approach (we use Robot-way). This work is performed by business analysts who later support developers and testing. We can perform this work or train your business analysts.

Nothing is faster than already built. We speed your path to scale using our prebuilt solutions. Our accounting suite spans record-to-report, order-to-cash and procure-to-pay. Both include ready-to-go and assemble-to-order automations for quick deployment. Of course, our assets speed your time to value on any custom development for any other area of your business.

More development capacity

If your Backlog is in good order, you are ready for more developers and architects. We will help you grow your own or lend you ours through staff augmentation. We train developers and run design workshops on leading practices. Our co-pilots work alongside and mentor your team after training.

Our developer helpers and connectors to industry-leading applications (coming soon) improve developer productivity. The helpers and connectors are ready for integration into their development work.

Right-size intelligent RPA capacity

Intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) programs run on costly infrastructure and software. Infrastructure needs to be ready for enterprise-scale to avoid failures. If not, SLA misses and stakeholder and leadership disappointment will happen. We know how to set up the platforms, whether it’s the first time, a repair or an upgrade.

We help manage your platform license commitments, preferably as your reseller. Generally, robots use subscription-basis licenses discounted for term, quantity and multi-year prepayment. Having too many unused robots creates unnecessary licensing and infrastructure expenses.

For the best pricing, you should opt for a three or five-year term and select a quantity that is at the beginning of a pricing tier. You then set a delivery (or drawdown ) schedule that is conservative for each year. For example, if a discount starts at the 11th robot, then on a five-year term, you agree to 3-4-5-5-11 robots in years one to five. If you find you need more robots later, you add more robots to your order or speed up later deliveries. If your salesperson isn’t reviewing these buying options, you should work with us.

Avoid drama in production

Our production support delivers the same quality that we’re known for throughout our business.

Repair automations that don’t work, fail too often, create too many exceptions, or cause service problems. Well-built automations are resilient and run in production without drama.

Sometimes systems and business exceptions are ok. But, there should never be a time when your process controller needs to run automation by hand. A horror story, we took over the production support from a Big Firm to find that their automations lacked in exception management. These robots were unable to restart from where they left off (e.g., no resiliency, no recovery). When confronted, the Big Firm declared that the client had accepted the deliverables, and it was now their problem. Through our production support, WonderBotz fixed the shameful gaps left by our predecessor. The client leader wrote, “We appreciate all you do for us that we know isn’t itemized”

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