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Automation platforms must be up-to-date running on solid infrastructure to ensure that your bots are secure and stable. 

Keep your platform version current

Many organizations are running older versions of their automation platforms. These old versions pose many challenges to both established COE’s and programs that are trying to scale. From not having the latest and greatest features to presenting legitimate security risks to the organization, it is imperative that your platforms are up to date. Application upgrades, updates, and patches provide you with the following benefits: 

Ensure your security   

Security flaws are often resolved through upgrades and smaller dot version patches. By not updating your platforms, you may be exposing your or your clients’ data to bad actors, and yourself to legal action. Protect your data, protect yourself. 

Enable your workforce

Platform version upgrades often include new features and enhancements that allow your workforce to deliver more value. These new features enable your workforce to perform work better and take on larger challenges. Delaying the rollout of these features can suppress potential use cases and limit the effectiveness of your developers. 

Optimize your platforms 

Updates and patches enable continuous performance improvement even if new features are not coming out. Whether this be an interaction with other applications (browsers) or memory allocation, these optimizations enable platform to a cutting edge before being upgraded. 

Platform version upgrade choices 

While extremely important, there are risks and decisions to make while completing platform upgrades. Some teams choose to do in-place upgrades while others choose to lift and shift.

Now is a good time to move to cloud

Take advantage of the flexibility cloud infrastructure provides and understand all your options. With the cloud, you have access to more processing power, and can spin up or connect to different technologies more easily. WonderBotz and most platform vendors now offer cloud versions of their software and are receptive to adjusting existing on-prem subscriptions to cloud-based. 

Overview of the cloud migration approach

First, determine cloud provider (vendor provided or multi-tenant platform such as AWS). This includes cataloguing your automations and platforms, and confirming they are suitable for and secure in your new cloud. Next, set up a QA environment and regression test your automations to ensure that they are cloud ready. This work spans across developers, technology partners, and business units to ensure that your business-critical automations do not fail when you flip the switch. Even then, it is important to leverage resources who are experienced in automation migrations and can help you avoid common pitfalls in cloud migrations. 

Consider fully managed cloud infrastructure 

Is your unreliable on-prem or cloud infrastructure preventing your team from achieving its automations goals? Are organization wide updates destabilizing your automations? Consider a fully managed infrastructure solution. 

Our turn-key managed infrastructure (INVOKE ARIA Cloud) provides built-for-purpose automation infrastructure designed with your solutions in mind. All application upgrades and infrastructure updates are handled by our team of experts who ensure the uptime of your automations.  

If you need more capacity, INVOKE ARIA Cloud is flexible so we can easily add more bots and virtual machines to run your new automations. Do you have a work surge and need more bots in a pinch? Our team can help you there as well with our on-demand bots. We take the guess work out of infrastructure and allow your team to focus on what they do best, developing high quality automations. 

How we help 

Our team of experts can ensure a smooth experience and that your automations will be working as good, if not better, than before. We provide clients with white glove experience that will ensure all automations are regression tested and there is no drop off in performance. 

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