ETL Essentials

ETL Essentials– Extract, Transform and Load are the critical steps to collect, collate, clean, and format data onto a document that your robots can act on.

Your Robots run on data. To execute the rules-based tasks that have been set for them they must have their data structured into a format that they can read. ETL Essentials can extract, structure and aggregate the large volumes of data your robots need.

When does ETL Essentials make Sense?

Collecting, organizing and housing data correctly is a vital step in launching your first automation project and in data management within your organization. We recommend this solution for those who are just starting their automation journey and could use a little help getting all their information in order.  It is a powerful solution that other organizational stakeholders may also benefit from.

Our ETL Essentials solution give you the blueprints to create valuable connectors that support many different types of automations.

Clients of WonderBotz Managed Services packages receive this foundational piece of software included in their service agreement.

Get ETL Essentials for Free as part of the WonderBotz Managed Services

How ETL Automation works

Extract Transform and Load Automation Software creates the connectors that allow you to pull data from many different sources. It processes that data transforming the various formats of each source into a single format that your robots can then read and action.


Extraction gathers information from multiple systems, both internal and external. It can pull reports or reading off the screen at a speed unmatched by even the nimblest of human users.

In the event of an exception, the ETL Essentials solution will step out and ask for verification from an authorized knowledge worker.


Transformation manipulates the collected information. It can perform calculations and validations, add tags, remove unnecessary or duplicate information. It formats the information from different systems into one consistent document, sheet, or database.


The information is delivered to your robots so they can take action. Copies can also be sent to authorized people via email or other message services.

Benefits of ETL Automation Tools

Your WonderBotz ETL Essentials gets you started with all the tools you need to prepare the data for your automation program.  

  • Connector Frameworkwe will give you the design and a framework to extract your data, it requires simple configuration to make it fit for purpose and ready for your organization’s use. This is the only part of the process that may take some basic RPA coding. If your team is not set up for code, we can build it for you, inquire about fees.  
  • Build it Once Use it Many Times – once your connector is built it will link your data source to transformation and your destination. You can use this connector to pull different kinds of data from this location as frequently as you need.  
  • Fix it once, experience the benefits everywhere – If a program update or system change requires your connector to be updated, updating the code once will fix its function for all your data pulls. 
  • Easy to configure – Once your connector is installed, choosing when to pull the data and what data to pull, for transformation and delivery can all be done with a beginner friendly config file. No coding needed.

What to Expect from your WonderBotz ETL Essentials Experience

ETL Essentials Automation can be purchased as an independent license or included as part of your WonderBotz Managed service package.  This important connector is easy to set up and will immediately decrease office time pulling data, preparing and distributing reports.

Let us help you start your Automation Journey with ETL Essentials.