Co-pilot Developers

A co-pilot is a second pilot in an aircraft, there to help resolve unexpected challenges and be a backup for the pilot. Just as passengers demand uneventful flights, your leadership and business sponsors expect smooth value and low drama from the get-go. Co-piloting is how we help you deliver on early expectations.


Long-term outcomes are dependent upon the success of early delivery. We created our Co-pilot services offering to serve as your backup. It’s a simple concept – mentor new developers for success while making it look easy to the organization.


Our team can help you decide whether Co-pilot is a good fit for your needs. Just request an automation assessment and we can walk you through the benefits and use-cases for Co-pilot.

What comes with Co-pilot

Co-pilot services focus on delivering specific automation or group of automations. We assist with:

  • Candidate evaluation to confirm it is a good initial candidate
  • Solution design guidance and reviews adhering to leading practices
  • Hands-on support building parts of the automation, as agreed.
  • Regular reviews of developer progress
  • Configuration guidance and review adhering to leading practices
  • Testing design assistance
  • Preparation for automation turn-over to production
  • Hyper care support during initial deployment

How Co-pilot is delivered

Co-pilot services focus on delivering specific automation or group of automations, typically a quarter to a half FTE. While these don’t generally renew for the same team, we do provide co-pilot to new members of your development team.

Our people work remotely and side-by-side your developers as they begin developing their first automations. We assign specific intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) expert developers and solution architects to work with your developers.

We don’t do your homework. Instead, we assist you step-by-step through the full development lifecycle.

When Co-pilot makes sense

Clients of all sizes and industries may utilize Co-pilot. It is best suited for New to RPA/IPA and Become Self-sufficient clients. Simply put, if we are se