Backstop Support Services

Our most flexible RPA Professional Service, Backstop Support Services gives you access to the RPA expert advice and talent you need when you need it.

No matter how much the platforms try to make it easy, there are tricky bits to running an Intelligent Automation CoE. How much time and money might you save if you had some advice from a Business Analyst on your automation roadmap? Wouldn’t it be great to get unstuck with a few Sr. Developer hours to debug a tricky connector that just won’t work? Backstop makes the industry leading help you need available to you on demand, at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house professionals.

When does Backstop Support Service make sense?

No matter where you are in your Automation Journey, Backstop Support Services is one service we cannot recommend enough.

At each phase of RPA development be it planning, designing, building, testing, or maintaining; there are snags. All teams encounter problems that could use a fresh eye, a specialist pair of hands, or some experienced advice.

Hiring 4-5 automation experts in addition to your development team may be out of reach for many organizations. Fractional use of these high-level RPA professionals can get you the help you need to build a world class automaton program.

Build faster, Build better, See value Sooner

How Backstop Support Service Works

The help you need when you need it

Backstop Support Services give you 40 hours a month of on-demand access to our team of RPA Professionals. You can use that time to ask questions, get coaching, or have one of our professionals build functional units for your team. We focus on the 4 primary areas of RPA development.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts work with your team to understand and document your existing processes. They streamline those steps to be done “the robot way.Removing the double checks and redundancies that humans need, they create instructions that your robots can execute.

Solution Architect

The Solution Architect translates the business logic into a wireframe that forms the blueprint for the developers to build your automations. This is a very technical and strategic role, planning each element of the technology that you need to be able to create your automation. These include infrastructure, hosting, components of your RPA technology toolkit, connectors, and prebuilt solutions.

RPA Developer

An RPA developer codes the actual automation. They interpret the intent of the BA and Solution Architect, applying design philosophy to simplify and build the code as clean as possible. Our Sr. Developers can guide your team or jump in and build pieces for you.

RPA Controller

The RPA Controller handles the testing, maintenance, and oversight of your RPA program. They manage the robots’ tasks, making sure robots don’t break and fixing them when they do. This includes planning for periodic software updates, reauthentication cycles, handling exceptions, or business process changes.

Benefits of fractional usage of RPA Professionals

Recruiting, hiring, vetting, and maintaining an in-house RPA development team can be costly, and not roles your HR department is familiar with hiring for. By working with our team on demand you gain access to highly skilled professionals who are intimately familiar with the leading RPA platforms at a fraction of the cost of internal hires.

What to expect from your Backstop Support Services Experience

Backstop Support contracts give you access to 40h per month with our team to be used in any combination. If you want an hour check-in twice a week with a BA, great. If you want 20 hours this week with an RPA developer to build out a tricky automation, perfect. Want to do a 5-hour audit at the end of each month with an RPA Controller, you totally can.

The minimum contract for Backstop is 6 months. Clients who sign on for a full year gain even more flexibility as hours can be pulled forward from next month if you need extra help now. Backstop Support is designed to help WonderBotz clients get the most out of their RPA investment by getting the help they need when they need it to build faster, build better, and see value sooner.

Are you ready to get the help you need to build a world class RPA program?