Automation Discovery

Our Automation Discovery Service is designed to help your company uncover the most meaningful, cost-effective, and needle moving automation opportunities.

We are combining traditional Automation Discovery, workshopping with your team to uncover automation priorities, with new AI process discovery technology to validate these choices.  The combined data allows us to build an actionable roadmap to automation success.   

Strategic Considerations when Building an Automation Pipeline

When building your automation pipeline there are many voices to consider, all with important weigh-ins on the process.  

  • The C-suite vision. How can we innovate company operations to take on more, bigger, better clients and make more money? 
  • The Finance department goals. Will this initiative save the company more than it costs? 
  • Operations concerns. How will this impact or change the existing workflows?  
  • Management goals. Boosting morale by providing tools to employees that remove their least favorite repetitive tasks.  
  • IT concerns. What resources will we need to do this? 

WonderBotz has designed a process to uncover the most meaningful automation initiatives in your company. Using our AI-powered Process Intelligence tool, we organize them by what is possible and most cost-effective to create first. In this way we can balance all of the meaningful contributions in your organization and create an automation program that succeeds.

Discover the most meaningful and profitable automation for your organization.

How Automation Discovery Works

Automation Discovery Workshops – Establishing your Wish list

Automation Discovery workshops take place on your campus in rolling 30-minute meetings attended by small groups of your staff. Our goal is to discover: 

  • What the company is currently doing with RPA 
  • What each business area would like to see developed 
  • A wish list of processes to be automated 

Our team will collate the Wish List we surfaced to find the most meaningful initiatives. Those that will create a shift in your operating culture, employee morale, customer service, or product development.

Process Intelligence – Determining Automation Potential

Now that we have your organizations Automation Wish list we need to collect some data on what is possible, and what is practical to automate. Here we employ GENIE, our AI powered Process Intelligence tool to define each of your processes and determine its automation potential.  

Automation potential is a score that looks a several factors of a process.  

  • Process complexity – How many steps are in a process?  
  • Variations – How consistent is the execution of this process over your organization? What number of exceptions must be accounted for? 
  • Volume –  How frequently is this process performed?  
  • Potential ROI – How much time does a process take? What is the value of that time, and how much would be saved in a year by automating that process? 
  • Available technology – Is that task possible to be done by robots or do we still need human skills to do it?

Creating an Actionable Roadmap to Automation Success

Armed with all the data we can now develop an actionable roadmap for your automation program. One that balances the organization’s goals from your Automation Wishlist with the Process Intelligence data of what is practical to automate.  

From there we will strategize a group of core automations to create first. Focusing on those that: 

  • Create a meaningful impact on company productivity 
  • Can share reusable automation code objects 
  • Will create an end-to-end automation workflow 
  • Form the code base to build future automations 
  • Provide meaningful ROI 

We want to make sure that the first bite is the right size bite. With the initial scope of your automation program defined, the other processes form an automation backlog that will keep your automation pipeline humming.

Are you ready to launch your successful Automation Program?