Automation Assessment

Have experts evaluate the foundation of your intelligent automation program and give you an honest outside perspective of the work to date and the plan moving forward.

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An objective system-wide assessment of your code base is good practice every 3-5 years for all organizations. It always helps to have a fresh set of eyes to spot optimization opportunities and potential compliance issues.

As a leading intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA) service provider and trainer, we know how to help organizations make the most of their Intelligent Automation investments.

Value creation must be annual, when year 2 or year 3 numbers dip many of our customers are seeking to get “unstuck.”  With a quick review of your existing automation builds, we can spot configuration, infrastructure or design gaps to unlock efficiency and plan future steps.

When does an Automation Assessment make sense?

  • Preparing to migrate to the cloud:

    Moving to the cloud is not as simple as copy and paste. I fact, going at it alone can add elements of risk to BAU. Planning a migration is a good time to evaluate your existing systems and see if there are opportunities for optimization before translating to a cloud platform. 

  • Integrating new technology:

    Whether adding GenAI, IDP, or even switching to a whole new ERP system, assessing the compatibility of your existing robot code will ensure a smooth implementation.

  • When utilization is low on your existing Automation licenses:

    Traditionally, the only way to procure automation licenses (RPA/IA) was with minimum # of bots on an annual subscription from the vendors. Often that leads to unused robot capacity, meaning expensive software then becomes expensive shelfware. A Managed Service model might make sense if you are in this situation. An assessment is a cost-effective way to find out.

  • When maintenance costs are high:

    Runaway maintenance costs are usually a sign that there are some problems in your code base causing your robots to break more frequently than they should.

All code bases contain gremlins, let us help you find and fix yours.

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How an Automation Assessment Works

In the world of consulting, an assessment often implies the start to a larger engagement. At WonderBotz, an assessment is a pause to evaluate whether the spend planned for Intelligent Automation programs is justified by the anticipated benefit.

We evaluate programs through the lens of 6 important factors. This methodology has been informed by years of intelligent automation experience. Our prebuilt RPA framework approach has gained recognition and analyst reviews of our programmatic view of AI-powered automation. Let us help you win by considering:

  • Solution design and architecture is foundationally sound and scalable for new technologies (i.e. Artificial Intelligence)
  • Code is resilient and can handle errors and flag exceptions
  • Where possible, reusability of code is the default
  • Management of runtimes is optimized for peak utilization
  • Security and proper governance of information is observed
  • Data storage and queue management is compliant

We review your existing automations, your pipeline for build and help you identify gaps, training needs, and process breakdowns. Our team of experts then helps you sequence and evaluate the remediation strategy so you can determine the best path forward for your organization.

During the delivery of findings, we mentor individual developers and review opportunities with the organization’s leadership to see if there is room for improvement and where to allocate the next round of budget spend.

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