UiPath Software and Licensing

Automate and Optimize your Repetitive Tasks

Turn your enterprise into a Fully Automated Enterprise.™ Whether you are just starting out or scaling your organization, the open and end-to-end UiPath automation suite gives you all the tools needed to maximize your potential.

It is time to reinvent your workplace

The UiPath Business RPA Platform automates manual, rule-based, and redundant processes easily. UiPath is leading the “automation first” era – championing one robot for every person, delivering free and open training and enabling robots to learn new skills through AI and machine learning.

Transform, build and manage your digital workforce with a high-scale platform, which is available in their cloud, your cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.

What is in it for you?

So, why should you pick UiPath? The answer is simple. UiPath will transform your enterprise into a Fully Automated Enterprise™, a place where amazing things are taking place. Where automation acts as a connection between processes and applications, allowing them to function together seamlessly. Get the platform that includes everything you need to handle a massive, complex, cross-enterprise automation program and transform your business into a fully automated one.

Product Capabilities

DISCOVER the magic that happens when AI meets Automation

Automation Hub

Monitor and manage your automation pipeline centrally using Automation Hub. Using the automation evaluation ranking, let an algorithm help you with automation. The tool depicts the sophistication of automation as well as the cost of return on investment. After you automate, you’ll see your expected return on investment within the next two years. You can also build a flourishing and evergreen automation program, by rewarding top contributors and encouraging participation.

Task Capture

Taking snapshots of your processes has gotten easier with Task Capture. Task Capture generates a process map of each step for you based on window names. It takes snapshots and captures details for each stage as you progress through a job phase you’d like to automate. All you have to do is click “Capture Process”. Once the data is compiled into a Process Definition Document (PDD) or XAML format, it can then be easily edited and shared across teams using the export feature.

Process Mining

Using process mining, figure out where your bottlenecks are and how much they are costing you. Process Mining enables you to optimize your processes end to end using detailed process graphs. Use data to create an automation roadmap so that you’ll know what to automate and how to do it most efficiently, as well as to better enable your RPA efforts.

Task Mining

Task mining uses AI to aggregate repetitive tasks and transforms them into smart process workflows automatically. The advanced machine learning models find and automate redundant employee tasks by creating an auto-generated process in which the transfer of data is encrypted using a private key. You can also centrally manage the projects, schedules, and users utilizing the Task Mining Admin portal. That’s how you construct a high-value automation pipeline that spans the entire business.

BUILD complex automations on simple interfaces


UiPath Studio is an easy drag-and-drop editor which lets business users automate complex processes to simple robots. Powerful interface, testing tools, cutting-edge RPA features, intuitive error handling, command palate, coding services, and more, all are included in the Studio IDE. All Studio products share a common core ensuring a great user experience at all levels.


StudioX is designed for business users who need to automate tasks for themselves and their employees using AI. StudioX’s advanced UI automation enables you to work with every web or desktop app available. And, starting out with it is as easy as it can get with fully functional project templates. The UiPath Assistant then lets you share your locally set up automations with your co-workers.

Document Understanding

Extracting and interpreting documents can be a huge hassle and UiPath understands that. Document Understanding lets you process a range of documents in various formats and layouts. When combined with traditional RPA, AI document processing aids in the automation of highly manual tasks and skewed inputs using pre-trained machine learning models. You can now train robots to complete a process.


Find bundles, SAP, and UiPath Integrations all in one place. Kickstart your RPA journey with pre-built automations, workflow models, solutions that have been already designed for you. UiPath supports various APIs for smooth and simplified integrations. All you have to do is check out the Marketplace to find the right bundle for your business.

MANAGE the life cycle of automation at an organizational level


Orchestrator works as a central dashboard where you can monitor and log everything about a robot and manage your digital workforce in a secure and centralized way. You can deploy, control, calculate, manage and track your UiPath robot workforce with an easy-to-use interface. Orchestrator simplifies the process of deployment and accessibility via compatibility with Android and iOS.            

AI Center            

Struggling to deploy AI Models to your processes? AI Center has your back. You can deploy, consume, manage and improve the ML models without being a Data Scientist. The UiPath AI Center provides you with a drag-and-drop interface where you can apply the pre-trained ML models best suited for your enterprise.

Test Suite

Is your enterprise starting to scale, but automations are beginning to fail? Test Suite brings to you a centralized testing software where your robots don’t just stay healthy, but also happy. The UiPath Test Suite accelerates the automation by letting you manage, automate, distribute and execute tests with a package of Task Manager, StudioPro, Orchestrator, and Robots to create resilient businesses.

Data Services

Data Entities do not have to live in silos. Get seamless and centralized access to your data from anywhere for any purpose, all while keeping the data security intact. Maintain consistencies across your data sets across multiple automations and achieve limitless company-wide scalability with just a few clicks. Create, store, use, and share your data with an integrated and cloud-based data service that requires absolutely no coding!


Measure the impact and effectiveness of your automations in an RPA analytics solution that is designed to help you view the performance of your RPA workflows, calculate ROI, extract sharable reports, and forecast for better business decisions. Defining unique KPIs for your enterprise to be paired with constant performance audits can help you to make the most of your current deployment.

RUN Robotics Process Automations with smart robots


Robots are undeniably at the heart of Robotics Process Automation. And there is no mundane and repetitive task that the UiPath Robots can’t do, all without ever tiring or taking a day off. Isn’t that amazing? Let an unattended robot work for you without constantly supervising them or take decision-based help from attended robots or use both in harmony using hybrid robots. Tell the robots what to do and they will do it for you.

ENGAGE robots with processes just the way you would


Make apps out of your ideas. Create apps that are engaging on interfaces that are interactive and user friendly. Power your automations in a single app and generate a rich experience on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. A simple 3-step process lets you build apps on a drag-and-drop interface as per your business need, deploy and test the application using a single click and lastly, use the app to run automations across various devices and operating systems.

UiPath Assistant

You can’t be in a lot of places at once, but your assistant can be. The UiPath Assistant takes care of all the redundant and repetitive tasks that need your attention. This desktop launchpad lets leaders centrally control, deliver, and regulate automation. Configure your robot with a name, set it to work and it will leave you to work undisturbed. How fun is that?!

Action Center

How do you automate complex tasks that require cognitive interference and advanced decision-making? The answer is with Action Center. The UiPath Action Center lets you work in close collaboration with the robots wherein the robots know exactly which human it needs to seek help from. Manage process fragmentation and get started with the long-running processes.


There are bots that talk to customers, there are bots that do the work, and then there are chatbots that talk to the customers and get the work done based on the input received. One such chatbot, Druid, is an AI-Powered, no-code chat that enhances the customer-employee experience with better service, automation request fulfillment, deployment, and much more.

How to get a trial license

Getting your hands on a free 60-day UiPath trial license is as easy as downloading it from UiPath’s site. You will be able to download the UiPath Platform and obtain a free license for 60 days of usage. With the downloaded software, you will be able to view and test all UiPath functions in an unrestricted fashion when used with dummy data per the current UiPath Trial Agreement.