License Blue Prism Software

We know you have lots of Blue Prism resellers to choose from, but none of them are an award-winning, value-added reseller like us.

We help organizations worldwide license and maximize the value of Blue Prism software. We work with organizations that are starting out, as well as scaling, understand how the software is bundled and priced, advise on purchase options and provide extra incentives for first-time purchases or renewals through us.

What you need to know when licensing Blue Prism software:

  • Pricing is by runtime capacity rather than by-the-process and is based upon is based upon geography, volume and term.
  • Licenses are subscription-based, typically, in 3 to 5-year terms.
  • Blue Prism platform is sold complete, including analytics, control room, developer licenses, and test/QA/disaster recovery environment licenses.
  • Blue Prism Hub, Decipher, Interact, IADA® and more may be added but are not required.
  • Basic support, maintenance and new releases are included in the annual price. Premium support has follow-the-sun SLAs and also includes access to additional functionality and resources.

As a complementary add-on to qualifying orders, we provide developer helpers to make your team more productive or an entry-level prebuilt solution to speed time-to-value for faster payback on your investment.

What is a Blue Prism Digital Workforce?

Each Blue Prism Digital Worker can perform much of the same work as your current team, except they are virtual employees. Like your team, Digital Workers can shift from process to process throughout the day. Just as with a human employee, each Digital Worker needs its own tools (e.g., computer), credentials and system access. Depending upon how much work needs to get done, many processes can be assigned to a single Digital Worker and, likewise, many Digital Workers can be assigned to a single process.

On-prem or cloud-based options

Blue Prism software is available as an on-prem platform or as a cloud-based platform (i.e., fully-managed SaaS-based with guaranteed SLAs) or as a hybrid solution. Hub, Interact and IADA® come with the cloud-based platform and may be purchased as add-ons to the on-prem version.

Blue Prism core platform

Blue Prism is a scalable and robust platform with ready-to-go connectors to best-of-breed AI and cognitive technologies. Blue Prism’s Intelligent Digital Workforce automates mission-critical business processes while meeting the requirements of the most demanding IT environments, where security, compliance and enterprise-scalability, are paramount.


Blue Prism Cloud Hub (Hub) helps your Center of Excellence (CoE) manage automation lifecycles, as a productivity tool to identify, scope, design, build, test, deploy and operate your automations. The Hub provides secure visibility into your automation landscape, including digital worker utilization and performance and is accessed through the internet.

Hub users get access to Wireframer, a design tool for building out the RPA process structure, ensuring that the appropriate controls are in place for everything from application interaction through to exception handling.


Blue Prism® Interact (Interact) is a web GUI that bridges people and digital workers enabling greater collaboration with your digital workers. Accessible via a browser, Interact is designed to address any process that requires manual initiation (attended automation), or human intervention (human-in-the-loop). Interact is customizable to branding guidelines. Business users leverage simple, ready-to-use templates to create new dynamic web forms.


Blue Prism Cloud Intelligent Automation Digital Assistant® (IADA®) orchestrates the activities of your Blue Prism digital workforce, overseeing cross-departmental workers in a management capacity. IADA® sits at the centre – supporting the communication of the subcomponents, using machine learning to optimize utilization and prioritization, and providing cognitive capabilities to the Digital Worker execution layer.