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We help organizations throughout the world buy their essential cognitive software. We understand your needs, understand how the software is bundled and priced and can advise you on your best purchase options. Most importantly, we streamline the procurement process. We have everything in place with key vendors like ABBYY to quickly get your software in your hands and working without any procedural or administrative headaches on your side.

We can help you:

  • Decide licensing, bundling and service agreements
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  • Place the order and deliver the goods
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What is ABBYY?

Through ABBYY Vantage, the company provides a next-generation content IQ platform for the enterprise that provides the skills required to understand and create meaning from content by turning unstructured content into structured, actionable information. ABBYY helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation by complementing intelligent automation platforms like RPA and BPA with new and advanced cognitive skills to perform like humans.

How ABBYY sells its software

ABBYY licenses its software through value-adding resellers like WonderBotz. ABBYY prices software a few different ways and the most common is a perpetual license based upon capacity (i.e., a one-time fee for a maximum number of documents per year such as the number of invoices processed annually) plus annual maintenance that is optional after the first year.

ABBYY give pricing incentives for larger buys and make it easy to add on capacity as your needs grow over time. The annual maintenance enables you to upgrade to newer versions of the product and access to technical help.

How to get a trial license

WonderBotz wants each organization to succeed with its ABBYY trial and we will work with you to make it the very best experience. In addition to providing your trial license, we can facilitate product tutorials and have experience ABBYY developers standing by to help. If you prefer, WonderBotz can also quickly build your proof-of-concept.