RPA Training

Knowledge is essential to RPA success. We can teach you.

Most organizations want accountability and some expertise to eventually reside in-house. This makes sense. Most RPA processes are critical to day-to-day operations and have to align tightly with your in-house resources. Many who hand-off RPA to a large consulting or SI partner find themselves often oversold and under-served. Organizations need external enablement that helps foster a strong internal commitment and expertise with RPA. We can help you do both.

We will enable you to:

  • Use the tools you need to get started smartly and securely
  • Enable your people to become confident experts in automation
  • Remove risk from your early- and mid-stages of RPA deployment and management

We can help you dig deeper into what RPA training is right for your team. Request an automation assessment with our experts so we can better understand your training needs.


WonderBotz offers instructor-led courses either virtually or on-site at your premises. Courses include scheduled class times with experienced professional developer instructors, documentation, and hands-on exercises. If you already have automations in place, we can review them with the class. Contact us to create a custom program.

RPA 101

Developer Essentials

RPA 102

Advanced Developer

RPA 151

Strategy and Roadmap Development for RPA Business Analysts

RPA 161

Solution Designer for RPA Controllers

RPA 171

Process Controller for RPA Developers and Solution Architects

RPA 181

RPA Platform Infrastructure Upgrade (Virtual instructor-led, 4-part series)