Custom Development

We deliver resilient, high-value and maintainable custom automations. Starting with our reusable code, we assemble-to-order your finished work products while adding required customizations.

Our methods include our award-winning robot way process envisioning and polymorphic solution design which focuses on reusability and externalizing parameters for ease of management by business users.

WonderBotz 7-D SDLC, highlighting Supply-side
High level process flow, from left to right, Demand-side, Supply-side, Run-side. Supply-side is further explained to include Define, Design and Develop activities

What we do during development

The purpose of development is to create valuable automation that will run in your environment. Typically, delivery projects include:

  • Process visioning using robot way
  • Process definition and requirements
  • Solution design using polymorphic principles
  • Development and unit testing using our configuration standards
  • User acceptance testing (UAT) support, including guidance
  • Deployment checklist

How it is delivered

Development projects may be individually contracted or part of a larger program. Our fees are most often fixed-price based upon our complexity matrix which defines parameters (e.g., number of applications, number of business rules) aligned to the development effort.

Our team often works remotely, though our business analysts will go onsite as part of the process decision phase.

When they make the most sense

We provide development projects to clients of all sizes and industries. These services are especially valuable to New to RPA, Help Me Scale and Rescue Me clients who need speed-to-value to maximize value to their organizations.