Backstop Support Services

Backstop means to stand behind something or someone as support or reinforcement or to prevent backwards motion. Some examples include a net in a football/soccer goal, a net behind archery targets, fencing behind a batter or a chock on a wheel. Supposedly the first use was in cricket. Whatever the source, backstops are a precaution to prevent undesired or unintended happenings.

Your circumstances shift over time as you adapt and scale intelligent robotic process automation (RPA/IPA). As such, you need a quick resource to access answers from true subject matter expert practitioners. Connect with our experts to find out if Backstop is right for you.

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We believe that RPA/IPA program momentum should never be lost due to unanswered question or expertise shortage so we created our Backstop services offering. It’s a simple concept — Backstop provides whatever you need, whenever you need it. 

What’s included in Backstop

Backstop clients enjoy on-demand access to our team of experts. This is how some clients have utilized their Backstop service:

  • Strategic advice and sounding board covering ROM evolution, pipeline/backlog management, and license utilization
  • Design and configuration authority for adherence to leading practices
  • Mentoring of your developer team
  • Debugging support when your developer team gets stuck
  • Escalating tickets to your software platform providers
  • Infrastructure services to diagnose problems
  • Advice on upgrades
  • Urgent tactical development
  • and more…

Our award-winning team offers on-demand support to meet your needs. No other firm walks their talk like WonderBotz.

How it is delivered

Backstop is a minimum 6-month or more commitment for hours, typically a quarter of an FTE. Most clients renew year-after-year.

Our approach encourages and drives interactions to ensure our clients receive optimal value. Backstops are generally performed remotely. However, we will come on-site as needed for executive or steering committee meetings. If your needs outgrow the Backstop approach, we work with our clients to shift the work into an advisory project.

When Backstop makes most sense

Clients of all sizes and industries benefit from our backstop since it’s designed to grow and shift with their changing needs:

  • New to RPA and Become Self-Sufficient clients use Backstop to get and stay on the right track and bolster their confidence as they build mastery across all areas of the emerging RPA/IPA capability
  • Help me scale clients use Backstop to maintain automation design and configuration quality as well as to evaluate automation candidates for maximum value using the Robot-way.
  • Rescue me clients use Backstop to triage and remediate challenges, whether automation stability, ROM adjustments or whatever is needed to clear the roadblock