Backlog Discovery

Backlog is a list of automation candidates that are used to make the case for necessary development resources and set management expectations on value.

Backlog is generated by your Demand-side activities and reduced through your Supply-side and Run-side activities as automations are built and put into production. It acts as the oil to keep an intelligent RPA/IPA program engine running and should always be a focus for program leadership.

What we do in Backlog Discovery

As part of Backlog Discovery efforts:

  • We identify and qualify candidates for automation, using either bottoms-up canvassing or top-down hypothesis based upon your situation and sponsorship.
  • Backlog Discovery may include on-site ‘build-a-bot’ events, workshops, surveys, interviews or may be managed remotely.
  • Develop a prioritized backlog that is accepted by the organization with a focus on high-priority automations with appropriate value case.

How we deliver it

We deliver Backlog Discovery as a stand-alone project or as part of our Backstop services. Work may be performed on-site or remotely.

When it makes the most sense

A sustained focus on growing or enhancing the backlog always makes sense. Backlog Discovery answers the question ‘how big is big’ for the organization. This is needed to properly size investment requirements and gain optimal software license pricing. It is especially important for